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Psycho III

Anthony Perkins, Diana Scarwid, Jeff Fahey, Roberta Maxwell
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We see some of the same psychopathology repeated in this second sequel to Psycho and Psycho II. This time a reporter discovers that Ms. Spool, the woman Norman murders early in the film and refers to as "mother," was actually his aunt and had murdered Norman's father, presumably when Norman was very young.

Distraught Maureen as a novice nun threatens to jump to her death from a bell tower, but another nun falls to her death as she tries to prevent Maureen from jumping (0:01).

Reporter Tracy interviews Norman for an article about the insanity defense (0:19).

After stuffing her body using his skills as a taxidermist Norman converses with Ms. Spool. It appears that rather than hallucinating her voice he takes on her identity, even talking in her voice almost every time either her stuffed body appears or Norman appears dressed as "Mother" (0:25, 0:43, 0:58, 1:25)

Maureen re-experiences the death of the nun for which she now blames herself (0:27).

Watching Maureen through a concealed hole in the wall of her hotel room Norman sees her naked, but when he approaches her dressed like "mother" and wielding his knife he sees that she has already lacerated both wrists with a razor in a suicide attempt and rescues her. From Maureen's perspective we see a vision of the Virgin Mary holding a cross instead of Norman holding his knife (0:30). Should we classify this as a religious vision, probably a normal phenomenon, or as a hallucination, perhaps related to her mental state as she tries to take her life, or even related to blood loss and resulting delirium?

Maureen meets with her "resident" psychiatrist Father Brian at what might be a Catholic psychiatric hospital (0:33, 1:15). In what might be a psychotherapy session he tells her, "Suicide is a sin" (0:44).

Intensely ambivalent about Maureen Norman impulsively but intentionally cuts his fingers (0:59).

Norman's differential diagnosis: Dissociative Identity Disorder vs. Psychotic Disorder vs intermetamorphosis or other misidentification syndrome

Do Norman's murders qualify as resulting from a repetition compulsion?