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Psychopathia Sexualis

CastKristi Casey, David Weber, Zoƫ Cooper, Patrick Parker
Year released2006
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A man cuts himself with a straight razor. A woman drinks his blood. (0:01)

Narrator: "Behold a victim of the asylum." In Vienna Professor Kraft-Ebing studied cases like these. Many of the quotes that follow may have come from his book. Shot of the Psychopathia Sexualis title page. (0:06)

Narrator: "J.H. had been diagnosed with severe neuresthenia and hypochondria." After observing that she cut herself J.H. licks the maid's blood from her hand. (0:08)

Narrator: "paresthesia sexualis" in a brothel. (0:13)

Narrator: "The perverse sadistic impulse to injure women..." (0:13)

Narrator: "Existing at the opposite end of the scale from the sadists... Because the author Leopold von Sacher Masoch... Krafft-Ebing terms this sexual anomaly masochism.... developed only on the basis of a psychopathic... individuality." (0:15)

A prostitute whips a male client with roses after two other prostitutes stand on his abdomen and chest as he lies on the floor. Other illustrations of dominance and submission follow. (0:25)

Narrator: "homosexuals appear... after dark" (0:30)

Professor Krafft-Ebing tells a man, "So you come here as a fetishist..."
Narrator: "treatment of homosexuality through the subconscious... Hansen had tried to hypnotize... " We see use of a metronome to hypnotize the subject. (0:32)

Narrator: "In a sanatorium salvation from the psychological demons that plague them." Patients stand in line.
Narrator: "determine the source of the patients' psychoses... execute treatment" (0:36)

With his male subject in a trance Krafft-Ebing uses suggestion. (0:37)

A heading in the book reads "Hysteric Insanity" Narrator: "It is quite common for hysteric paranoid women of an insane asylum to complain of hallucinations..." A patient becomes violent. Staff subdue him. (0:40)

Narrator: "severing portions of their diseased brain that is the cause of their delusions." Surgical instruments puncture the patient's skull then withdraw bloody tissue. (0:42)

Dr. Goudron uses an electrical device to shock J.H. on his upper arm. (0:47)

A woman tells a story to a younger woman. (0:49)

In the story a performer says of his girl, "She cannot speak Heir Baron." (0:51)

A shadow play portrays bestiality and necrophilia. The Baron and Baroness seem to abuse the girl off camera. (0:53)

Narrator: "J.H.'s mother began to experience mild paranoia... She began to entertain certain delusions in regard to her son's rehabilitation... often resorts to self-destructive behavior..." (1:04)

Headings in the book read "Hysteria" then "Melancholia."
Narrator: "If untreated the delusions become more pronounced... until the sexual paranoid... menopausal insanity, climacteric melancholia experience sexual delusions, delusions of physical persecution, acute paranoia." (1:06)

J.H.'s mother starts to swoon. J.H. tells her, "This can result in a form of hysteria..." (1:07)

Narrator: "physiological fetishism..." (1:11)

Narrator: "It is the sad privilege of medicine, and especially that of psychiatry..." (1:30)

J.H. tells his wife, "Dr. Goudron assisted me in my treatment at the sanitorium." (1:31)

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