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Punching the Clown

CastHenry Phillips, Ellen Ratner, Matthew Walker, Audrey Siegel, Guilford Adams, Evan Arnold, Mark Cohen, Mik Scriba, Eddie Pepitone, Derek Waters
Year released2009
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Singer songwriter Henry sings, "... tomorrow is the end of the world... I asked some guy where I could score some blow..." (0:06)

Henry's agent Ellen tells him, "Henry Phillips: James Taylor on smack."
"'Cause you're kind of like James Taylor, but you are on smack!"
Henry: "Yeah, the problem I have with it is I think James Taylor actually was on smack... it would be just like saying Mel Gibson if he was an alcoholic." (0:15)

Ellen introduces Henry to the other partiers: "Critics have referred to him as James Taylor on smack." (0:20)

Henry, on a radio talk show: "I'd try to hide my nose when people took pictures. I'd try to sort of tilt my head to one side so they really couldn't see the... how large my nose is. (0:22)

Henry sings, "She's bisexual nymphomaniac nurse." (0:43)

Barista Becca tells Henry, "Oh, I think your friend's drunk." (0:54)

Henry, on the radio: "One time I was watching a documentary on hallucinogenic drugs..."
Henry sings, "They also had a thing for little boys." (1:02)

A protester asks Henry, "Sir, you realize that if you go in there, you are supporting an establishment that condones... homophobia?" (1:15)

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