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Quick Change

Bill Murray, Dale Grand, Bob Elliott, Geena Davis, Jason Robards, Randy Quaid, Kimberleigh Aarn, Ron Ryan, Brian McConnachie, Jack Gilpin, Philip Bosco, Stanley Tucci, Phil Hartman
Adolf Hitler
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Uniformed cop, referring to bank robber Grimm: “Is it a diversion, Chief, or is he crazy?”
Police chief Walt Rotzinger: ”He’s not crazy.” (0:12)

Grimm tells a hostage “It really isn’t your decision, Mr. Adolf Hitler.” (0:13)

Monster truck: “Macho Maniac” (0:20)

By telephone Rotzinger tells Grimm, “Your Macho Maniac is here.” (0:24)

Grimm’s accomplice Phyllis describes Barry Meyers as “A guy who wasn’t certifiable.” (0:36)

Lt. Jameson reminds Rotzinger about “The Subway Psycho...” (0:37)

New tenant Helen tells the others, “... you must be crazy if you gave this place up.”
Grimm: “Maybe we are crazy.” (0:40)

Phyllis tells Grimm, “You’re a world class bank robber, drunk on your own power and expertise.” (0:44)

Radio talk show caller, referring to Grimm: “He wasn’t another junky with a homemade 9mm.”
Phyllis: “I’m sorry I got so crazy back there.”
”I know I’ve been especially moody.” (0:46)

Rotzinger tells the other that Grimm “Knew we’d be too obsessed by the perpetrator inside the bank...”
”That’s panic.” (0:50)

Grimm tells Phyllis and accomplice Loomis, “Professor Henry Higgins is gonna spot us.” (0:52)

Mobster Skelton tells Grimm, “Drugs, protection... you name it.” (0:56)

Phyllis tells Loomis, “My sister always told me, there’s the type of guy you’re crazy about...” (1:03)

Rotzinger tells a uniformed cop, referring to the cab driver, “You idiot, this man doesn’t speak a word of English.” (1:05)

Grimm asks Phyllis, “Are you crazy?”
Phyllis: “You totally demoralized that guy Edison.”
Grimm: “Do you think I should just be a bumbling idiot?”
”... unless you get a religious nut...”
Loomis: “I’m gonna freak out if I don’t get this money off me.” (1:16)