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Xiuling Chai, Jia Fengsen, Hongshen Jia, Wang Tong, Shun Xing
Hongsheng Jia | ethyl alcohol | heroin
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Woman, referring to actor Jia Hongsheng, referring to actor Hongsheng: “I heard he was on drugs.”

Man: “I heard he was sent to a mental institution.”
Another man: “I heard he died from an overdose.” (0:01)

Poster for Taxi Driver on Hongsheng’s door. (0:04)

His actor father Fengsen asks Hongsheng, “Are you still on drugs? You are still smoking drugs!” (0:10)

Fengsen: “The doctor told us the effects of his addiction would last a long time.” (0:11)

Hongsheng’s actor mother Xiuling: “We followed him because we were afraid that he might meet drug dealers or friends using drugs.”
Hongsheng: “I had got off drugs before they came.” (0:12)

The narrator asks Hongsheng, “Can you tell me why you started taking drugs?”
”Then tell me how you started with drugs.”
Man: “The first time he tried drugs was at rehearsal.”
An Bin: “His reaction to drugs was different than other people.”
Harder drugs were just a question of time.” (0:13)

Xiuling asks Hongsheng, “Were you getting drugs?”
”Are you going to buy drugs?’ (0:30)

Fengsen: “Sometimes when I saw him suffering I knew the drugs were still in him.” (0:33)

Hongsheng: “I felt like everyone was an idiot.” (0:34)

His artist friend Shun Xing tells Hongsheng, “You’re crazy.” (0:36, 0:44)

His musician friend Lijie: “I thought he was just in a bad mood... We were smoking a lot of heroin... If he was drunk after three bottles of beer, he wanted five... The first time we met we shared drugs.”
He offers him a smoke. (0:46)

Hongsheng: “I had to get high.”
He bangs the wall with his head. (0:47)

Lijie, referring to Hongsheng: “I felt he would make me crazy if I stayed.” (0:50)

Xiuling tells Hongsheng, “Everybody in this business knows you smoke drugs.”
”You can make any excuse for your drugs.”
Hongsheng tells Fengsen, “You’re drunk.”
Fengsen: “I need to be drunk today.” (0:56)

A doctor tells Xiuling and Fengsen, “Hearing voices and seeing things are common symptoms of schizophrenia. These are also common side effects of heavy drug use. It’s hard to say if he’s schizophrenic. You need to monitor his symptoms... He may have started using drugs again.” (1:02)

Fengsen tells Hongsheng, “You were doing drugs.”
Xiuling tells Hongsheng, “You quit for six months.”
Hongsheng tells Fengsen, “Don’t forget you’ve been a drunk all your life.” (1:03)

Fengsen tells Hongsheng, “I don’t want to get drunk and get into trouble.”
Hongsheng: “I’ve done nothing but smoke drugs for 4 years.” (1:10)

A woman interviews Hongsheng in a hospital. He tells her, “I’m Lennon.” and that he lives in London. (1:17)

An older patient tells Hongsheng, “The Soviets called it hysteria and the Chinese call it dementia.” (1:18)

Another patient tells Hongsheng, “I saw you in the movies ‘Weekend Lover’ and ‘Silver Snake Murder.’”
He tells another patient, “He was in ‘Weekend Lover’ and ‘Silver Snake Murder.’” (1:20)

Hongsheng tells his parents, “I’ll really go crazy if I stay any longer.” (1:25)

Hongsheng restrained in hospital bed. (1:26)

A group of doctors examines Hongsheng: “Have you smoked drugs?”
”When did you take drugs for the first time?”
”How long were you addicted?”
”What was the longest time you quit?” (1:35)

A doctor tells Hongsheng’s parents, “First of all, we’re sure he is not schizophrenic. Unfortunately, his nervous system has been influenced by an excess of drugs and alcohol. He needs treatment to cure his hallucinations and paranoia... This will help his recovery and force him to stay away from drugs.” (1:37)

Shun, now also a patient, tells Hongsheng he too is there for “Quitting drugs.”
”Why aren’t you over here in the drug section?”
Hongsheng: ”A lot of people bring drugs into that section. It’s hard to quit.”
”I’d like to stay for a while to quit drugs and alcohol.”
Shun: “I need to get clean.”
Referring to his girlfriend: “We were shooting up. She jumped off a building.” (1:38)

Fengsen tells Xiuling, “Don’t be so nervous.” (1:46)