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Rabbit Hole

Nicole Kidman, Aaron Eckhart, Dianne Wiest
heroin | marijuana | zolpidem | Ambien
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In a support group meeting bereaved mother Gaby says, referring to another group member, "She wasn't really into the support group model." Members of the group refer to anniversary reactions. (0:12)

Becca minimizes Howie's knowledge as based only on "One semester of psychology fifteen years ago..." (0:15)

Becca launders her deceased son Danny's clothes for her sister Izzy's expected baby. (0:16)

Becca dumps Danny's clothes in a Goodwill box. (0:19)

Becca follows a boy after she sees him in a school bus. She seems to recognize him. (0:20)

Becca tells Howie, "Things aren't nice anymore." (0:24)

Howie watches videos of Danny. He tells Becca, "If you're not going to go to group I think you should see someone." (0:25)

Becca follows the boy (Jason) into a library. Is she stalking him? (0:28)

Becca's mother Nat tells Becca, "When your brother died..." (0:32)

Becca tells Howie, referring to the child seat still in the car, "I wish you'd take that thing out of here." (0:33)

Becca: "He's everywhere, Howie." Augie asks Nat about "The Kennedys with the assassinations, the lobotomies?" (0:34)

Nat tells Becca, "You forget what I went through when your brother died."
Becca: "Danny was a four year old boy who chased his dog into the street. Arthur was a thirty hear old heroin addict who OD'd." (0:37)

Nat tells Izzie, "When Arthur died I was just as upset as she was, but I didn't take it out on other people." (0:38)

Jason accosts Becca. (0:40)

Jason tells Becca, "I'm sorry." (0:42)

Gaby smokes a bong. She tells Howie, "I'm smoking pot in a parking lot." (0:44)

Support group meeting. (0:45)

Becca and Howie talk about how Danny might not have died if not for a list of things they did previously, and about blame. She talks about her wish to get rid of reminders, Howie about wanting to keep them. (0:48)

Jason shows his comic book to Becca. He confesses, "I might have been going too fast... that day..." (0:51)

Gaby and Howie share a bong. (0:53)

Becca tells Howie, "Same reason you don't tell me why you come home wreaking of pot." (1:08)

Nat tells Becca how her grief unfolded after her son Arthur died. (1:09)

Becca cries after watching Jason leave for the senior prom. (1:15)

Howie gets rid of the car seat. Becca explains the quiet to Howie: "That's cause I slipped Taz a couple of Ambien." (1:16)

Compare to Ordinary People, especially the two bereaved mothers.