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Radio Days

CastMia Farrow, Julie Kavner, Dianne Wiest, Tony Roberts, Danny Aiello, Jeff Daniels, Diane Keaton, Seth Green, Larry David, Mike Starr, Paul Herman, Don Pardo, Martin Rosenblatt, Helen Miller, Danielle Ferland, Julie Kurnitz, David Warrilow, Kenneth Mars
Year released1987
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Aunt Bea tells the others, “I don’t want to appear too anxious.” (0:14)

Aunt Bea tells her date Mr. Manulis, “I’m still a little tipsy from that beer.” (0:16)

Narrator Joe, “Despite his bravado all evening, Mr. Manulis panicked and bolted out of the car.” (0:18)

Uncle Abe tells Joe’s Aunt Ceil, “Religion is the opium of the masses.” (0:27)

Sportscaster Bill Kern, referring to baseball pitcher Kirby Kyle: “He was blind, but he had instinct as to where to throw the baseball.” (0:29)

Joe: “While Uncle Abe loved The Bill Kern sports show, his wife Ceil adored a very prominent ventriloquist, and this always used to drive Abe crazy.” (0:30)

Joe, referring to his cousin Ruthie: “She and her girlfriends used to sit and swoon endlessly over the sentimental lyrics.” (0:30)

Joe: “I remember... when Mr. Zipsky, normally a very quiet man in the neighborhood, had a nervous breakdown and ran amok through the shopping district of Rockaway.” (0:37)

Scene from The Philadelphia Story. (0:40)

One boy asks another, “Didn’t you ever see Crash Dive?” (0:49)

Joe: “I was in a funny mood that afternoon.” (0:50)

Joe’s mother Tess asks his father Martin, ‘You think Hitler’s gonna win?” (0:55)

Bea tells her date Fred, “It’s been such a long period of grief.” (0:57)

Take the gas pipe. (1:04)

Radio newsman, referring to the parents of a girl who fell into a well, “The anxious parents, Mr. and Mrs. Phelps, stand by waiting... `I know that all America shares the grief of the Phelps family.”(1:14)

Abe tells Ceil, “Besides, only creeps and crazy people go out New Years Eve.” (1:18)

The Masked Avenger tells entertainer Sally, “You know it’s not even midnight, and I’m drunk.”
”What a crazy idea.” (1:21)

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