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Raging Bull

Robert De Niro, Cathy Moriarty, Joe Pesci, Frank Vincent, Nicholas Colasanto, Theresa Saldana, Mario Gallo, Frank Adonis, Joseph Bono
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Fighter Jake LaMotta rehearses a comedy routine: "So, give me a stage where this bull here can rage..." (0:03, 1:45)

Jake's brother Joey tells gangster Salvy, "People went crazy."
Salvy: ”He's gonna wind up punch drunk, your brother.” (0:07)

Jake rages at his wife Irma. (0:09)

Joey tells Salvy, referring to Jake, "If he's in a good mood, I'll talk to him."
”He's got me... nuts.” (0:09)

His neighbor Larry shouts at Jake, "Crazy animal." (0:11)

Joey tells Jake, "You're crazy to even think about something like that... why go crazy thinking about it?"
”... nut.” (0:12)

Joey’s friend Beansy tells him, "... they got me crazy."
Joey tells Jake, ”Don't worry about them.” (0:22)

Jake tells Joey, "That's what I'm worried about."
Joey: ”What are you worried about. What's the biggest thing you got to worry about?”
Jake: ”I'm worried about the weight.”
Joey: ”You worried about the weight?”
”I'm tellin’ ya, you're crackin’ up.”
”You're worried about your weight, you get aggravated.” (0:44)

The master of ceremonies introduces Jake as "The Raging Bull." (0:49)

Gangster Tommy Como, referring to Jake: "Must be crazy." (0:54)

One gangster asks another, "You're worried about it?" (1:00)

Joey tells Jake's second wife Vickie, "Don't make me get nuts in this place." (1:00)

Joey asks Salvy, "What are you, nuts?" (1:02)

Salvy asks Joey, "What are you... nuts?” (1:04)

Joey tells Tommy, referring to Jake, "He's crazy. You know, he's nuts."
Tommy: ”Yeah, he's crazy... That's not crazy.” (1:05)

Joey asks Jake, "You worried about that?" (1:14)

Tommy tells Vickie, referring to Jake, "He's very nervous." (1:16)

Jake slaps Vickie. (1:17)

Joey tells Jake, referring to Salvy, "He was drunk."
”You want to worry? Don't start that worrying shit. You know what you should worry about? Worry you got this title fight next month. That's what you should worry about.”
”Cuz you're driving me crazy.”
”You know how... nuts you are?”
”I'm not staying in this nuthouse with you... You understand you... wacko? You're cracking up.” (1:23)

Vickie tells Jake she saw "Father of the Bride."
Jake slaps her around and later slugs her.. (1:29)

Jake tells a reporter, "I'm tired of worrying about weight all the time." (1:41)

Jake tells a friend, "He repeats himself, getting a little senile." (1:46)

Vickie tells Jake, "We're getting a divorce, and I'm getting custody of the kids." (1:49)

Vickie asks Jake, "You drunk?" (1:52)

Jake pounds his head against the wall. (1:55)

Jake tells the audience, "You look like a bunch of junkies." (1:57)

Jake rehearses: "Some people aren't that lucky, like the one that Marlon Brando played in On the Waterfront..." (2:01)

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