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Rain Man

CastDustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Valeria Golino, Gerald R. Molen, Jack Murdock, Michael D. Roberts, Ralph Seymour, Lucinda Jenney, Bonnie Hunt
Year released1988
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Exotic car broker Charlie learns from his assistant Lenny that his father has died. (0:07)

Funeral in cemetery for Charlie's father. (0:08)

Charlie and his girlfriend and secretary Susanna walks the halls of Wallbrook, see residents in a day room. (0:16)

Charlie meets Dr. Bruner. Is he a psychiatrist? (0:18)

Charlie asks Dr. Bruner, referring to his brother Raymond, "Is he retarded?"
Dr. Bruner: "He's an autistic savant."
"Some people like him used to be called idiot savants."
Charlie: "Yeah, but he's retarded."
Dr. Bruner: "Autistic. Actually, high functioning."
"It means there's a disability that impairs the sensory input and how it's processed."
"Routines, rituals -- it's all he has to protect himself."
Charlie: "Rituals. That's a good one." (0:20)

Technician Vern tells Charlie, "Whenever he gets nervous..."
"He's getting anxious."
Susannah tells Vern, "When I touched him before he pulled away." Haphephobia? (0:22)

Throughout the film Raymond manifests echolaliaperseveration, and stereotypic movement.
Raymond tells a waitress her telephone number when he recognizes her name from a telephone book he has just memorized. (0:38)

Charlie tells Raymond, "Stop acting like a... retard." (0:39)

Raymond counts toothpicks spilled on the floor. (0:42)

Raymond screams and hits his head from fear of having to fly on an airplane. (0:46)

Echolalia. (0:50)

Charlie: "We're gonna make a stop and find a psychiatrist."
"Good luck trying to find a shrink in this town." (0:57)

Raymond stops in the middle of a crossing when the signing changes to "Don't Walk." Concrete thinking? (0:58)

Charlie tells a nurse, "He's autistic."
"He lives in a world of his own." (1:00)

A small town doctor tells Charlie, "I'm not a psychiatrist..."
"Most autistics can't speak or communicate. Do you know what autistic is?"
"Are you autistic?" (1:01)

Raymond becomes anxious when Charlie keeps him in a phone booth. Claustrophobia? (1:04)

Raymond reacts to hot water in the bathtub. Flashback of burning Charlie when he was a baby? It (1:14)

Charlie tells Raymond, "Believe me Ray, at the shrink hearing..." (1:19)

Raymond reacts when Charlie tries to hug him. (1:42)

Dr. Bruner tells Charlie, "As you know the psychological interview is tomorrow."
"Tomorrow you'll meet Dr. Marston who's in charge of Raymond's psychiatric evaluation. (1: 51)

Raymond bangs his head when the smoke detector sounds. (1:54)

Psychiatrist Marston's evaluation incorporates Charlie and Dr. Bruner as well as Raymond. (1:57)

References in 21 Jump Street, A Test of Wills, Crazy on the Outside...Valley of Love

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