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Raising Genius

Justin Long, Ed Begley Jr., Wendie Malick, Stephen Root, Danica McKellar, Clint Howard, Tippi Hedren, Shirley Jones, Joel David Moore , Mark DeCarlo, Travis Wester, Megan Cavanagh
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Recluse Hal narrates: “Those people have a psychological disorder.” (0:02)

Cheerleader Lacy tells student Bic, referring to her neighbor Hal, “He’s a perv.” (0:07)

Hal: “Dad, can you please have a discussion with mother... don’t leave me here with her.”
”I have an increased level of anxiety.” (0:12)

Hal’s mother Nancy tells Officer Hunter, referring to Hal, “I hope that he faints...”
Nancy tells Hal, “I will not let you dominate my life with your neuroses.”
Hal gestures and mouths the words to Officer Hunter, “She’s crazy.”
Officer Hunter tells Nancy, “He’s been traumatized.”
”He has been highly traumatized.” (0:24)

Nancy tells Hal’s father Dwight, “I’ll just lay here and get myself in the mood.” (0:30)

Hal, referring to Lacy, “She’s psyching me out with her mind games.” (0:33)

Nancy tries reverse psychology: “... in fact I want you to stay in the bathroom...” (0:35)

Hal tells Nancy, “Strangers scare me...”
Social worker Charlene tells Nancy, ”I’m a mother too, and kids can drive you crazy...” (0:37)

Dwight tells Nancy, referring to Hal, “No wonder he’s acting out.”
Nancy: “Acting out?”
Dwight: “You said he wanted to come out, if that social worker hadn’t jiggled the knob and scared him.”(0:39)

Nancy tells Dr. Weeks, “I understand... but to come in here and treat my family as though we need some sort of intervention...”
Nancy tells Hal, referring to Weeks, “He’s the psychiatrist.”
Weeks: “Psychologist. State licensed.” (0:41)

Nancy tells Weeks, referring to Hal, “You’re confusing him. He’s very confused.” (0:43)

Hal’s psychotherapy session with Weeks in the bathroom.
Weeks: “... and I have a regimented therapy I think you’re going to respond to.”
”No more bathroom therapy.” (0:46)

By telephone Aunt Sis says, “Dwight, Nancy’s gone shit-brained crazy.” (0:53)

Dwight tells Nancy, “Hal doesn’t need the added pressure of therapy.” (0:59)

Nancy tells Hal, “I need you to stay in the bathroom.”
”... while Dr. Weeks and I have a private therapy session.”
Weeks tells Hal, “No more bathroom therapy.”
Weeks tells Nancy, “Just when I think he’s improving he regresses.”
Nancy: “You’re a licensed psychologist. I just thought if you could look around this room it might help you gain some insight.”
Family counseling, Curly.”
”So you’re a psychologist.”/taxonomy/term/8378
Referring to Dwight: “He never throws anything away.” (1:01)

Dwight tells Nancy, “Get counseling, like you said.” (1:10)

Hal: “Dad, you wanna watch Sleepless in Seattle?... Let’s get crazy.” (1:15)

Would you diagnose Hal or Dwight with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder?