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Raising Jeffrey Dahmer

Cathy Barnett, Scott Cordes, Jeannine Hutchings, Rusty Sneary
Jeffrey Dahmer
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(See also: Dahmer)

Jeffrey, on the witness stand, describes how he encountered one of his victims: "I asked him if he wanted to get high. He said yes." (0:01)

When a telephone caller tells his father Lionel that Jeffrey's mother Joyce has been taken to the hospital Lionel asks, "Overdose?" introducing the suggestion that she might have a drug problem. (0:03)

Lionel confronts young Jeffrey about killing goldfish. (0:18)

Lionel's mother Catherine talks about Joyce "checking herself in... needs help" apparently for a drug or psychiatric problem, and asks whether she will "get off of all those drugs." She says Lionel was a shy boy like Jeffrey. (0:19)

Jeffrey tries to hypnotize girl Elizabeth. (0:21) He orders her to take off her shirt; she starts to comply. (0:22)

In a TV interview Dr. Francine Price, presumably a psychologist or psychiatrist, refers to Jeffrey as a monster and a serial killer. She says as children they torture animals, that they might be loaners and might come from abusive home environments. (0:24)

 Lionel tells his second wife Shari about his belief that Jeffrey killed the gold fish and possibly a dog. (0:24)

Lionel talks about how Jeffrey collected road kill. (0:25)

Jeffrey plays with animal bones as Lionel removes dead animals from under the house. A "friend" on TV says Jeffrey told him he was sexually abused by Lionel. (0:26)

Jeffrey's friend tells Lionel Jeffrey drinks a lot. (0:36)

Lionel tells Shari about burning a garage when he himself was a child and about his fear of punshmnt by his own father. (0:37)

Lionel finds blood, tools, and animal remains in Catherine's house where Jeffrey lives. (0:40)

Jeffrey tells Lionel about experiments with chemicals and dead animals. (0:42)

Jeffrey tells Lionel how he stole a manaken. (0:44)

Lionel tells Jeffrey his sentence to jail for molesting a 13 year old boy is "only a year" (0:46)

Lionel tells Mr. Parker, Jeffrey's attorney: "He's a pedophile and an alcoholic." and expresses fear that if he is released he will not get needed help. (0:47) He adds, "He needs to talk to a professional, a psychiatrist or psychologist. (0:48)

Lionel reads Jeffrey's discharge from military service because of "alcoholism." (1:03)

Lionel asks Shari, "Do you think it was the drugs?" referring to Joyce's use of drugs during her pregnancy with Jeffrey. (1:08)

Looking out the window, Lionel  sees detective John Amos put revolver to head and pull the trigger. (1:09)

Catherine awakens complaining of a "horrible smell." Gustatory hallucination? (1:09)

Lionel blames himself for not knowing what his son would become. (1:12)