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Rat Race

Amy Smart, Breckin Meyer, Whoopie Goldberg, Seth Green, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Kathy Najimy, Jon Lovitz, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kathy Bates, Colleen Camp, Silas Weir Mitchell, Wayne Knight, Dean Cain, Brandy Ledford, Vince Vieluf, Dave Thomas
Eva Braun | Adolf Hitler
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Vera Baker tells her daughter Merrill Jennings, referring to Vera's psychic, "She said you were lonely and that you were worried about money and that you had trouble sleeping." (0:10)

Hotel and casino owner Donald Sinclair: "This is my assistant, Mr. Grisham, who tragically was born without a personality." (0:18)

Football referee Owen Templeton tells the others, "This is crazy." (0:23)

Narcoleptic Italian tourist Enrico Pollini has a sleep attack. (0:25)

Sinclair tells the others, referring to Pollini, "Well he must be narcoleptic. It's a rare sleeping disorder." (0:25)

His cab driver Gus tells Owen, "Now I gotta work two shifts because of that idiot." (0:26)

Helicopter pilot Tracy Faucet tells lawyer Nick Schaffer, referring to a character in a book, "He just had a sex change." (0:28)

Driver: "Idiot." (0:34)

Gus tells Owen, "I wouldn't worry about it." (0:37)

A woman selling squirrels at a roadside stand tells Merrill, "I'm not retarded." (0:40)

Museum guide, referring to Klaus Barbie: "Here we see him standing beside Hitler's touring car..." (0:43)

Young Jason tells his father Randy Pear, "You just stole Adolf Hitler's Mercedes Benz."
Randy: ”Hitler had it coming.” (0:44)

Tracy tells Nick, "Don't worry about me."
NIck: ”I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about me.” (0:46)

Nick tells Tracy, "It sounds crazy, I know."
Tracy: ”I'm in shock.” (0:57)

Randy tells Jason, "Because it's Hitler's harmonica. You can't play Hitler's harmonica."
Jason's sister Kimberly: ”I'm Mrs. Hitler.”
Randy's wife Bev: ”Eva Braun had style.”
Randy: ”She was Hitler's girlfriend.” (0:58)

Owen realizes one of the passengers is in drag. (1:06)

Enrico tells medical van driver Zack Mallozzi, "Don't worry, my friend." (1:08)

Randy: "What are you, nuts?"
”Are you insane?. This is Hitler's car.” (1:10)

Enrico: "Mister Zack, now you are giving me the freak out."
”My papa, he is dead, and my mama.” (1:14)

A psychiatric hospital staff woman herds psychiatric patients back onto their bus. (1:20)

Randy tells the rest of the family, "I'm being selfish."
Randy serves milkshakes laced with sleeping pills to his family. (1:21)

Owen tells the passengers, "Shut up you crazy Lucy bitches." (1:22)

Merrill tells the staff woman, "We’re not crazy, lady." (1:31)

Enrico has another sleep attack. (1:32)

Nick tells the audience, referring to the gamblers, "No, they could be off kicking back in the Riviera or in Vegas blowing their money on some meaningless idiotic bet." (1:42)