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Oberon shares a joint with pianist Ray Charles who tells Oberon, "This ain't no tobacco, man." (0:08)

Ray experiences flashback of his brother George drowning. (0:12)

Oberon tells Ray, "I got some gage, fresh off the boat."
Ray: ”You keep me high while they talk the business?” (0:15)

Ray walks in on band members cooking heroin. He experiences a flashback. (0:27)

Ray watches as his brother George drowns in a washtub. Grief overcomes his mother Aretha. (0:30)

Band members prepare drug paraphernalia as Ray walks in on them. “This ain't no weed, Ray, and we ain't snorting no bitch.This is boy, and boy’ll make your ass null and void.” (0:31)

Memorial service for George (0:33)

Risa tells Ray, "You're going to have to learn how to use your memory." (0:36)

Ray tells Della Bea, "God bless your heart, she passed away when I went to school." (0:49)

Ray prepares to shoot heroin. (0:58)

Man walking into bar: "Y'all done lost your minds." (1:00)

Bea discovers Ray’s paraphernalia.
”It ain't like I'm dealing it, baby.” (1:02)

Ray cooks heroin.
Ray tells singer Mary Anne, ”Don't mess with this junk, all right.” (1:07)

Ray Charles’ tells his tenor saxophone player Fathead Newman, "When you get high man, and you try to cop, those dealers spank your ass."
Fathead: ”I ain't messing up my high tonight.”
Ray tells singer Margie, ”If I ever hear about you doing some drugs, you're through.”
Margie: ”... and then you bend some crazy note.” (1:22)

Recording technician, referring to Ray, "He's got that junky itch. He's totally hooked."
Technician tells record producer Jerry, ”You can never trust a junkie, man.”
Record producer Ahmet tells Ray, ”I'm talking about the junk.”
”I'm worried about you.” (1:25)

Ray asks Margie, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:34)

Ray: "Margie's drunk." (1:35)

His agent Milt Shaw shares a joint with Ray. (1:37)

Ray tells Margie, "Now every time you're around you're just drunk. Drunk soul of a blind junky."
Margie: ”I ain't drunk, Ray.”
Ray: ”You out of your damn mind.”
Margie: ”Between the dope and the music and me you already done left your damn family.” (1:45)

Ray drops a syringe on a table. (1:54)

Detective tells Ray, "Heroin's a felony."
Ray: ”It ain't like I'm dealing it man.”
Reporter: ”How long you been on heroin, Ray?” (1:55)

Ray's announcer Joe tells the others, "There's a big winding staircase just like Gone with the Wind." (2:06)

Ray tells Bea, "Margie’s dead."
”She overdosed... I didn't let her do dope around me...”
Ray cries. (2:07)

Customs agent: "We were alerted there might be drugs on this plane." (1:14)

Ray tells Bea, "... if I want to shoot up, I shoot up."
Bea, referring to their son, ”He was so proud this day until you came home too loaded to go to his banquet.”
”There is something that you love more than... all the dope you ever took...” (2:15)

Title: "Saint Francis Rehabilitation Clinic"
”Ray withdraws from heroin.”
Dr. Hacker tells Ray, ”We have a substitute that can help wean you off heroin.”
Technician: ”Put those restraints on him” (2:17)

Dr. hacker tells Ray, "You must complete our program and agree to take periodic drug test."
”... a lot of people don't believe that I'm done with this dope, but I'm finished.”
Hacker: ”We should begin psychotherapy sessions.”
Ray: ”Uh, look, forget the headshrinking, doc.”
Hacker: ”Mr. Charles, you're not the first celebrity junky that I've treated.”
Ray: ”Junky?”

Ray experiences another flashback.
Aretha tells Ray, "Even all that dope couldn't keep me away."
Ray sees George. (2:22)

Title: "He never touched heroin again." (2:24)