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Reaching for the Moon (2013)

Glória Pires, Miranda Otto, Tracy Middendorf, Marcello Airoldi, Lola Kirke, Tânia Costa, Marianna Mac Niven, Marcio Ehrlich, Treat Williams, Anna Bella
Antabuse | disulfiram | ethyl alcohol
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Her friend Cal tells poet Elizabeth, “Ah, the geographic cure.”
Elizabeth: “Just a momentary lapse into melancholy drama before the first libation of the day.” (0:02)

Her lover Mary tells architect Lota, referring to Elizabeth, ”There was this boy who was crazy for her.”
”I don’t know what she did to him, but he sent her this postcard saying, ‘Go to hell, Elizabeth,’ and then he killed himself.” (0:11)

Elizabeth tells Lota, “My father died when I was 8 months old.”
"Until I was 5, and then she was taken to a mental hospital.” (0: 22)

Elizabeth tells Lota, “Unless I’m rather drunk I’m very shy.” (0:32)

Elizabeth tells Lota, “I’m not drunk.”
Mary: “Cookie soaked in alcohol.”
Elizabeth: “What’s that medicine called that makes you stop drinking?”
Lota: “Antabuse.” (0:48)

Men in white coats take Elizabeth’s mother away in a straight jacket. (0:52)

Politician Carlos asks Lota, “Are you insane?” (1:06, 1:09)

A man carrying her tells Lota, referring to Elizabeth, “Got smashed.” (1:11)

Mary: “I’m concerned about my daughter living under the same roof as a drunk.” (1:13)

Elizabeth speaks to the diners: “And then there’s your melancholy...”
Lota tells Elizabeth, “You got drunk.”
Elizabeth: “I”m not drunk.”
Lota: “You better go back to Samambaia for awhile and sober up.” (1:16)

Elizabeth tells Lota, “I want to drink every minute of every day.” (1:23)

Lota tells Elizabeth, “You’ll be so drunk you won’t know where you’re teaching.”
”You’re drunk.” (1:27)

Cal tells Elizabeth, “The other is to dissolve old memories in lavish doses of alcohol...” (1:30)

Carlos tells Elizabeth Lota is in ”A mental hospital, for depression and a breakdown.” (1:33)

The doctor tells Elizabeth, referring to Lota, “She’s still very depressed.”
Mary: “She’s just starting to recover...”
Doctor: ”No stress. Your name makes her very agitated.” (1:35)

Mary tells Elizabeth, referring to Lota, “She’s obsessed with you coming back. She imagines you nursing her through this, like she nursed you through your alcoholism.” (1:36)

One boy tells another, “You’re a moron.” (1:38)

Elizabeth realizes Lota has killed herself by overdose. (1:44)