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Reality Bites

Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke, Ben Stiller, Steve Zahn, Janeane Garofalo, Swoosie Kurtz, Joe Don Baker, John Mahoney, David Spade
lysergic acid diethylamide
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New graduate Lelaina tells her guitarist classmate Troy, “Oh, totally drunk and out of my mind.”
Troy, referring to new graduate Vickie: “She’s toasted.” (0:02)

Troy reads Review Of Existential Psychology & Psychiatry while working as a clerk. (0:08)

Talk show host Grant: “And we’ll also be visiting with a man right here from Houston who is battling Alzheimer's.” (0:09)

Television executive Michael tells Lelaina, “That’s Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes.” (0:13)

Lelaina asks her retail clerk roommate Vickie, “Are you out of your mind?” (0:15)

Lelaina tells Troy, “You suffer from the philosopher-groupie syndrome. You’re this guy, with like a 180 I.Q., ten units away from a degree in philosophy...”
Troy: “Most of them are just very, very depressed.” (0:17)

Vickie tells Troy, “Don’t Bogart that can, man.”
Troy: “Are you retarded?”
Vickie tells Lelaina, “The old manager tried to kill herself by eating a whole pot of poinsettias.” (0:19)

Lelaina tells Michael, referring to Troy, “Somehow he can rationalize it.” (0:25)

Troy tells Lelaina, “I just would have liked to have been there to watch how you rationalized sleeping with a yuppie-head cheese ball on the first date.”
Lelaina: ”Well that pales in comparison to the tweaked-out little skanks that you date.” (0:30)

Vickie tells a videographer, “I think I was conceived on an acid trip.” (0:32)

Grant complains about “Depressing junk.” (0:34)

Grant interviews the author of a book on “Self-esteem for parent and child.”
He tells the author, “Now, Libby, I’m concerned with self-esteem.”(0:35)

Lelaina tells her friends, “Just don’t panic.” (0:36)

Lelaina talks to the video camera: “My mom threatened to kill herself in front of me. Patty got drunk in her closet every morning before junior high school.” (0:40)

Michael tells Lelaina, “I just thought they would freak out over your tapes...” (0:42)

Potential employer: “Radio is all instinct, Lelaina...” (0:43)

Her mother’s husband Wes asks Lelaina, “Is it for drugs?”
Lelaina: “No, it’s not for drugs.”
Lelaina’s mother Charlane: “They had this little retarded boy working the cash register.”
”Because I’m not retarded, Mom.” (0:46)

Lelaina asks a potential employer, “You mean, like metaphorically?” (0:47)

Vickie tells Lelaina, “You’re high.” (0:53)

Vickie tells the others, “Okay, it’s just too psychotic in here now.” (0:58)

Lelaina tells Vickie, “You’re freaking out...” (1:01)

By telephone Michael tells Lelaina, “They freaked out.”
Referring to her video: ”No, no, I mean they like psychotically loved it.” (1:02)

Her friend Sammy tells Vickie, “I am a homosexual.”
Vickie: “Is there a support group I can join to help me come to terms with my own homophobia?” (1:03)

Troy tells Michael, “I was quoting Cool Hand Luke.”
”There’s an I.Q. prerequisite...”
Michael: “We’re not like, uh, intelligence quotations, or whatever.” (1:06)

Soundtrack from Psycho (1:10)

Troy tells Michael, referring to Lelaina, “Yeah, this girl is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.” (1:20)

Troy tells Lelaina, “I panicked.” (1:21)

Troy tells Lelaina, “Well, uh, my dad died.” (1:29)