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Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, Gladys Cooper, Nigel Bruce, Reginald Denny, C. Aubrey Smith
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Narrator: "The illusion went with it." (0:03)

Dowager Mrs. Edythe Van Hopper tells the young woman with her, her paid companion, referring to Maxim de Winter, "I suppose he just can't get over his wife's death." (0:07)

The young woman tells Maxim, "You know, I wish there could be an invention that bottled up the memory like perfume, and it never faded, never got stale." (0:16)

Mrs. van Hopper tells the young woman, now Maxim’s fiance, referring to Maxim, "... He nearly went off his head." (0:26)

Maxim's sister Beatrice tells his new wife, referring to housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, "You see, she's bound to be insanely jealous at first." (0:43)

Beatrice tells her new sister-in-law, "You mustn't worry about old Maxim and his moods... often gets into a terrible rage..." (0:45)

Maxim’s new wife tells his estate manager Frank Crawley that she lacks "... beauty and wit and intelligence..." (0:54)

Maxim tells Mrs. de Winter, "Don't be such a little idiot, darling." (0:58)

Danvers appears to encourage Mrs. de Winter to jump to her death from a window. (1:23)

Maxim tells Mrs. de Winter, referring to his deceased first wife Rebecca, "Her shadow has been between us all the time, keeping us from one another."
”You thought I was mad... Perhaps I am mad. It wouldn't make for sanity, would it, living with the devil?”
”I suppose I went mad for a moment.” (1:28)

A policeman tells a waiting crowd, "They've got old barmy Ben up now." (1:45)

Ben tells the court, "I don't want to go to the asylum."
Investigator: ”Now, nobody's going to send you to the asylum.”
Ben: “I don't want to go to the asylum.”
The investigator asks constable Colonel Julyan, referring to Rebecca, ”Would you have believed her capable of suicide?”
”Can you enlighten us as to why Mrs. de Winter should have wanted to end her own life?”
Man, referring to second Mrs. de Winter: “She's fainted.” (1:45)

Mrs. de Winter tells Maxim, "Awfully foolish of me fainting like that."
Maxim: ”If you hadn't fainted, I’d have really lost my temper.” (1:49)

Rebecca's cousin and lover Jack Favell tells Maxim, "... I can assure you that it is not the note of a woman that intends to drown herself that same night." (1:52)

Favell tells Julyan, referring to theories of Rebecca’s death, "One of them, of course, is suicide."
”Now does that look like the note of a woman who had made up her mind to kill herself?... Do you mean to tell me that if you wanted to commit suicide...?”
Favell, referring to Ben: ”Rebecca threatened him with the asylum.”
Referring to the new Mrs. de Winter: ”... every time she faints, in fact.”
”You might bring Mr. de Winter a sedative.”
Julyan asks Danvers, ”Can you think of any reason why Mrs. de Winter should have taken her own life?”
Favell tells Danvers, ”I'm trying to clear her name of the suspicion of suicide.” (1:54)

Crawley: "Could you supply a reason, Dr. Baker, for Mrs. de Winter’s suicide?"
Baker: ”You want to know if I can suggest any motive as to why Mrs. de Winter should have taken her life?”
”In a short time she would have been under morphia.”
Julyan replies to Baker’s question: ”Yes, to confirm the verdict of suicide.” (2:02)

By telephone, Favell tells Danvers, "Yes, suicide." (2:06)

Mrs. de Winter tells Maxim, "Mrs. Danvers, she's gone mad." (2:09)

Reference in Topper Returns