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Red Desert

Monica Vitti, Richard Harris, Carlo Chionetti, Xenia Valderi, Rita Renoir, Lili Rheims, Aldo Grotti, Valerio Bartoleschi
Richard Harris
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Plant manager Ugo tells owner Corrado, “They've gone crazy, too, finding specialized workers.”

An executive asks Ugo on the telephone, “Are you crazy?” (0:09)

Ugo tells Corrado about his wife Giuliana’s car accident: “It was a tremendous shock. She spent over a month in the hospital, and the gears still don’t quite mesh.” (0:12)

Giuliana awakens from a nightmare. Flashback? (0:15)

Radio telescope operator Mario’s wife tells Giuliana and Corrado, “Once he went away for a family funeral, and I thought I’d go crazy from fear.” (0:33)

Mili tells Ugo, “You’re crazy.” (1:02)

Giuliana tells Corrado, “I tried to kill myself.”
Corrado, referring to another radio telescope operator who was a patient with Giuliana: ”Did he try to kill himself too?” (1:16)

Giuliana: “Then why 24 hours for a diagnosis?” (1:22)

Giuliana tells Corrado, “I must be an idiot.” (1:36)

Giuliana tells Corrado, “I see the doctors who tell me all about myself, but it’s when I’m alone that I feel sick!” (1:47)

Does Giuliana suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder?