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Red Lights (2012)

Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, Cillian Murphy, Elizabeth Olsen, Joely Richardson, Toby Jones, Burn Gorman, Craig Roberts, Karen Shenaz David, Jeany Spark, Jan Cornet, Leonardo Sbaraglia
Vincent van Gogh
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Professor Margaret tells her class, “100,000 million neurons in constant synaptic communication... memory.” (0:14)

Student Sally asks physicist Tom, “Are you a psychologist, too?” (0:17)

Tom tells Margaret, “It was because Stevie and Van Gogh, they just, they don’t talk.” (0:22)

Margaret tells Tom, “So she goes to a hypnologist, and the visits stop. So she goes back to the hypnologist and says, ‘Can’t you just make him come back once a week?’” (0:24)

Margaret, on a talk show: “Even my colleagues, the experimental psychologists...”
”Telling people they’ve been victimized get these crazy ideas and then trying to get the ideas away from them...” (0:40)

Tom tells Margaret, “We look like idiots.” (0:45)

Tom tells his class, “Psychology has its flip side, parapsychology.” (0:55)

Sally and Tom attend the cremation of Margaret. (0:59)

Psychic Leonardo tells Tom, “Good memory.” (1:00)

Psychic Simon tells his audience, “It is a deep, painful urgency... which... demands light with a howl of rage!... We called Ptolemy insane.” (1:30)

Tom’s assistant Ben asks paranormal researcher Paul by telephone, “Are you crazy?” (1:32)

Ben: “This is a middle of the range computer in the psychology department.” (1:37)

Tom: “You can’t live in denial forever.” (1:40)

Tom: “I wanted to cry, feel anger, grief...” (1:45)