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Redwood Highway

Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt, James Le Gros, Zena Grey, Michelle Lombardo, Sam Daly
Spoiler alert
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Michael tells his mother Marie, "It makes me nervous when you go downtown." (0:03)

Pete tells Marie, referring to his deceased wife, "Andrea's not with us anymore." (0:26)

Marie falls backward, suffers a closed head injury. (0:47)

Marie hallucinates her Thomas? She tells bartender Stacia she's "Finally losing my marbles."
Stacia: "You just woke up." Hypnopompic hallucination? (0:54)

Heavy drinking. (0:56)

Michael tells patrolman Brad, referring to Marie, "She's nuts." (1:01)

Marie tells Stacia, "Oh, I haven't been this hungover in about a hundred years." (1:01)

Marie tells Stacia, "You saw me last night running around the parking lot like a crazy woman."
Stacia: "A vision. "
Marie: "I thought I was losing my mind." (1:05)

Kyle: "I have to ask you Michael if your mother was suicidal." (1:08)

Michael tells Kyle, referring to his father, "He was buried at sea before I was born." (1:09)

Thug Buck asks Marie, "You get high lady?"
"... you wanna get high with us?" (1:11)

Marie: vision of Thomas, then Naomi with her young family. (1:18)