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The Ref

Denis Leary, Kevin Spacey, Judy Davis, Robert J. Steinmiller Jr., Glynis Johns, Raymond J. Barry, Richard Bright, Christine Baranski, Adam LeFevre, Phillip Nicoll, Ellie Raab, Bill Raymond
marijuana | Sigmund Freud
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Sign in window: “DR. WONG MARRIAGE COUNSELOR” (0:03)

Session with marriage counselor Dr. Wong.
Caroline: “I had this crazy dream.”
Caroline’s antique store manager husband Lloyd, referring to Jesse: “No wonder our son is so confused.” (0:04)

Woman in store: “Are you crazy?”
”Are you nuts?” (0:13)

Police Lt. Huff tells Lt. Steve Milford, referring to Officer Phil, “Phil needs to talk to a therapist.” (0:17)

Lloyd’s sister-in-law Connie tells her son John, “Don’t make me nuts today.” (0:23)

By telephone burglar Gus tells the bartender, referring to his partner Murray, “He’s kind of a short drunken loser.”
Gus tells Murray, “I told you to act like a drunk vagrant imbecile.”
Murray: “I got nervous.”
“What are ya, nuts?” (0:24)

Lloyd tells Gus, “I don’t smoke, and Caroline just quit.” (0:27)

Caroline asks Gus, referring to Willard’s dog, “Cannibal bit you?”
”His name is Cannibal?” (0:29)

Scenes from It’s a Wonderful Life on television. (0:42, 0:44)

Gus tells, referring to Murray, “He’s an alcoholic.” (0:52)

Lloyd tells his Mother Rose, referring to Caroline, “She’s a little nervous about the dinner.” (0:59)

Caroline: “Her husband-to-be, thinking she was out of her mind, betrayed her to the Romans...” (1:03)

Rose asks Gus, “From what school are you trained, Dr. Wong, Freud?”
Connie: “You don’t think patients should examine their dreams?”
Gus: “My line of work you meet some real wackos.”
Connie: “You’re calling your patients wackos?”
Rose: “Well it seems this therapy is working.”
Connie: “Is that part of the treatment too?”
Caroline: “Yes, Dr. Wong, why don’t you tell us all about treatment, in detail?”
Gus: “It’s really expensive treatment.” (1:03)

Caroline tells Lloyd, “You won’t talk about it in therapy...” (1:07)

Connie tells Gus, “Excuse me, but I am not one of your patients.”
Gus: ”You’re gonna be somebody’s patient...” (1:09)

Connie: “Maybe some of us are not in the mood.”
Rose: ”You see Dr. Wong, you can use any treatment you like...”
Connie: “What kind of therapy is this?” (1:12)

Lloyd tells Caroline, “We were smoking a joint and listening to Al Green...”
Connie: “Sex, and drugs, and...”
Lloyd tells Caroline: “You were confused.”
Rose: “Has everyone gone nuts?”
Lloyd’s brother Gary: “Is this part of the therapy?” (1:17)

Lloyd asks Jesse, “What do you need all that money for, drugs?”
Caroline tells Jesse, ”You got caught in the middle.” (1:23)

Lloyd asks Caroline, “There is no Yugoslavia anymore, and who in their right mind would go there?”
Caroline, referring to Gus: “He’s not in his right mind.” (1:29)