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Louis Garrel, Clotilde Hesme, Caroline Deruas-Garrel, Raïssa Mariotti, Mathieu Genet, Nicolas Bridet, Eric Rulliat, Julien Lucas, Rebecca Convenant
Charles Baudelaire | hashish | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | opium dross
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A man lights and smokes a pipe. Another man takes a hit.
Man: ”Is it because I've got the hash?” (0:02)

Protestors share a joint. (0:23)

A woman tells poet protester Francois, referring to his parents, "They must be worried." (0:36)

Chairman of military judges: "The Rimbauds, the Baudelaires, the... They all need to be put in prison." (0:54)

Wealthy Antoine and a friend smoke an opium pipe. François smokes the pipe. (0:57)

A partier smokes an opium pipe. (1:08)

His friend tells François, "Go on, idiot." (1:08)

His friend Lilie tells François, "No, also Baudelaire a bit." (1:10)

A man smokes the opium pipe.
Antoine: ”Is what I'm saying shocking you? Are you shocked?”
Man: ”Are you crazy or what?” (1:15)

Antoine tells his friend, referring to Antoine’s father, "He died in an airplane crash when I was... eight... It's crazy."
The friend tells Antoine’s painter cousin Luc, ”We'll get some opium and come back.” (1:19)

His friend tells Antoine, "You're freaking me out." (1:19)

His friend tells Antoine, "I said to myself: ‘What an idiot!’" (1:21)

A man smokes a pipe. He asks Antoine, “Will your mates let us smoke dope?” (1:33)

Antoine smokes an opium pipe.
Antoine answers Francois, ”Dross.”
”Opium that's been smoked. By cooking it, I get opium that's second-rate.The poor eat it in the East. They are called dross eaters.”
Francois smokes the pipe. (1:38)

Antoine tells the others, "She starts to freak out." (1:41)

Lilie calls Francois, "Idiot." (1:42)

A woman asks a man, "Have you seen Before the Revolution?" (1:42)

Antoine smokes a joint. (1:44)

Antoine asks Luc, "Have you got any more weed?"
”Roll us a quick joint, will you?” (1:49)

Lilie tells Francois, referring to her father and his writings, "I read them after his death." (1:53)

Lilie tells her friend, "Charlène, you're out of your mind."
”You're mad.” (1:55)

Francois holds the muzzle of a pistol against his head, as though to kill himself, and pulls the trigger on an empty chamber. A friend asks him, “So you're madly in love?” (2:00)

Their friend Jean Christophe tells Francois and another friend, "I look like a crazy parrot." (2:01)

Antoine smokes his opium pipe. He tells Francois, "This is dross. Here, this is opium.” (2:18)

Lilie tells Francois, "You're crazy." (2:21)

Antoine tells Francois, "Hide the weed." (2:23)

His friend Shad tells Jean Christophe, "The anxiety." (2:27)

One of the friends tells another, "Man, you're paranoid." (2:30)

Luke tells his friend, referring to musicians, "... they gave them 4 tons of hashish."
Friend: ”Four tons of hashish?”
”Good hash, the sea, the sun.” (2:32)

Francois asks Antoine, "Is it acid or pure LSD?"
Francois tells Luc, ”Gauthier freaked out.”
Luc: ”He freaked out.” (2:34)

Someone asks Jean Christophe, "Are you nuts?" (2:36)

Lilie tells Francois, "Idiot!" (2:39)

Lilie asks her friend Charlène, "Are you crazy?" (2:44)

Lilie tells Francois, "At the American embassy they make you sign a form where you swear that you're not a communist or a drug addict." (2:45)

Gendarme, referring to the condition of Francois: "Coma?"
Woman's voice: ”Francois thought, ‘Will this idiot policeman ever stop screwing around?’” (2:53)