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Jani Raappana
buprenorphine | Subutex | heroin | amphetamine | morphine | Jani Raappana | Temgesic | diazepam | Rivatril | clonazepam
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"By winter 2003-2004, Subutex, a replacement drug for heroin, had replaced amphetamine as the most common injected drug in northern Finland. It was being smuggled from France."
Jani Raappana: "I was... unemployed and on welfare. I was using drugs almost on a daily basis." (0:00)

Jani tries to score some drug by phone. "I just need one hit."
"You should've shot up the whole thing." (0:04)

Jani injects an arm vein: "You shoot it up."
"Sex on speed is so great." (0:05)

"The active ingredient in Subutex is buprenorphine. Like heroin and morphine, it induces a pleasant euphoria."
Jani: "I started using drugs when I was 14... I'm still using opiates." He holds up a syringe then injects "Subutex and Temgesic... speed city. Drugs came here pretty late." (0:07)

Song lyrics: "Cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, smack... booze... too many mushrooms before I feel just right... too many pills to relax..." (0:19)

Jani: "You could have taken my dope..."
Jani's friend: "You accuse me of stealing your dope!"
Jani: "I might've called you that when my dope was missing, and I was mad."
"... my dope was missing."
"It's like a metaphor." (0:27)

"Jani, give me some Temgesic." Jani draws up a syringe, injects his arm. (0:36)

"When you use of the text for the first couple of times you get into sort of a trance." (0:37)

"I used to be addicted to morphine too." (0:38)

"During spring, Jani's drug use drives him into ever-increasing debt." (0:39)

Jani: "Where are my needles?"
He handles a syringe.
"That's why I filter Subutex and Temgesic."
He injects his arm.
"I want to make sure I get all the junk in."
His friend asks Jani, "Are you on diazepam or what?"
Jani: "I was up all night doing speed. 2 1/2 grams of speed." (0:39)

Jani(?): "I need a family pack of needles..."
"20 small paper cups for filtering Subutex."
"A family pack of needles..."
"I'm off to get high." (0:43)

"Really up to your psyche, how you cope with it. You can't quit drugs here."
Injects his arm.
"All my friends do drugs. If you stop for a while, they'll offer you a fix." (0:46)

Jani prepares a syringe. (0:47)

Jani: "Pop a couple of benzos and loosen up! Have a Rivatril. Or a diazepam."
"No. I'll take a line." (0:47)

Jani, holding a syringe in his mouth: "I just shot up in the bathroom on top of the Eiffel Tower." He injects his arm. (0:58)

"We used more and more Subutex." (1:00)

Jani: "Time for my fix. Time for you to do a line." He injects. (1:01)

Jani handles a syringe then a blister pack of drug. (1:02)

Jani: "Subutex affects your memory... You won't remember a thing... And the doses have been a lot higher... My tolerance is really high. If I tried to quit now, half a tab of Subutex wouldn't do anything... I could've left Subutex out... quit while we're on this trip... more to life than drugs."  Is Jani attempting a geographical cure? (1:03)

Jani prepares lines of white powder, snorts: "I'll just snort it from now on." (1:05)

Close up of crushed powder.
Jani: "Premium stuff... We have heroin. Heroin. Heroin. Heroin."
He cooks in a spoon with a lighter, prepares a syringe: "Of course I want to try heroin."
"I don't want to get high."
Jani injects his arm. (1:17)

Drug paraphernalia on a table.
Preparing drug in spoon, cooling syringe under faucet, injecting his arm. (1:20)