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Remember Me?

Ambra Angiolini, Edoardo Leo, Paolo Calabresi, Susy Laude, Ennio Fantastichini, Pia Engleberth,
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Narrator: “No. Much more: a psychologist.” (0:01)

Writer, store clerk and patient Roberto tells psychologist Dr. Grimaldi, "I'm a kleptomaniac." (0:02)

Teacher and patient Bea tells Dr. Grimaldi, "I'm a narcoleptic."
Grimaldi: "Why do you change therapist?" (0:02)

Roberto asks Bea, "Are you crazy?" (0:03)

Valeria calls her passport official lover Francesco and Roberto "Idiots." (0:04)

His editor tells Roberto, "Seek psychological therapy.” (0:06)

Bea asks Roberto, "Are you crazy?" (0:08)

Franceso tells Valeria, "Instincts. My instincts are never wrong." (0:10)

Deceased Sara's friend: "I see her all the time." (0:11)

Bea asks Roberto, "Are you crazy?" (0:13)

Roberto tells Francesco, "The smell is a metaphor." (0:14)

Bea writes, referring to Roberto, "Instinctively, I don't like him." (0:14)

While teaching a class Bea suddenly falls asleep. Excessive sleepiness? Cataplexy? (0:15)

Grimaldi tells Bea, "You seem nervous when I ask you about the relationship." (0:16)

Bea tells her partner Amedeo referring to Grimaldi, "She asked me if I was ready to start group therapy." (0:18)

Group psychotherapy. Patient: "I started thinking about suicide just before starting secondary school."
Roberto: "... I'm a kleptomaniac."
Grimaldi: "Group therapy is something to be taken seriously." (0:18)

Roberto tells Bea, "If I bother you, I'll leave the group therapy." (0:20)

Bea tells Roberto, "I'm a narcoleptic." (0:22)

Roberto tells Bea, "Like when I fell in love with someone I met at therapy."
Bea falls asleep. (0:24)

Roberto shoplifts an appliance. (0:27)

Bea falls asleep while walking on a bridge. (0:28)

Group Patient: "I’m crazy about football stickers..." (0:29)

Her psychiatrist asks Bea, "How is my favorite patient feeling today?"
Bea: "Absolutely ecstatic... If I don't kill myself..." (0:30)

Grimaldi tells Roberto, referring to Bea, "Mrs. Benassi has decided to interrupt her therapy." (0:31)

Bea fails to recognize Roberto. (0:32)

Roberto tells Francesco, "It's a psychiatrist's studio..." (0:34)

Roberto reads Bea's psychological record: "The patient is suffering from a rare disassociation syndrome. If subjected to a powerful and stressful situation, she undergoes an immediate short-term memory loss... To help herself psychologically the patient brings with her a big red book in which her whole existence is condensed." (0:37)

Grimaldi: "On the 15th of April, the psychological therapy was interrupted due to a sudden attack. After a long recovery period.. where her memory was artificially reconstructed, the patient is temporarily residing in the private clinic Villa Maria..." (0:38)

Francesco tells Valeria, referring to Roberto, "I wouldn't want him to have a big delusion." (0:40)

Roberto tells Bea, "They go back to therapy."
"Now try with idiot."
Bea: "Idiot?"
Roberto: "Cretin." (0:43)

Bea tells Roberto, referring to dancing, "It's a big block for me." (0:44)

Bea tells Roberto, "I have some déjà vu." (0:46)

Francesco tells Roberto, referring to Bea, "She's a loonie."(0:49)

Bea suddenly falls asleep. (0:59)

Roberto asks Grimaldi, "You think she could have had another amnesia?" (1:01)

Francesco reads a story written by Roberto to Roberto's son Ruben: "... a psychotherapist, a sweet psychotherapist with silver white hair." (1:15)

Bea fails to recognize Roberto. (1:18)