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Taye Diggs, Wilson Jermaine Heredia, Rosario Dawson, Anthony Rapp
heroin | marijuana
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Landlord Benjamin “Benny” Coffin tells his former roommate and rock musician Roger Davis, "Roger, you’re looking good for a guy that’s coming off a year of withdrawal."
Roger tells his filmmaker roommate Mark Cohen, ”And you expect sympathy from a guy who shut off our power on Christmas Eve?”
Roger tells Benny, ”You can’t quietly wipe out an entire tent city then watch It’s a Wonderful Life on TV.” (0:10)

Street musician Angel Dumatt Schunard tells philosophy professor Thomas B. “Tom” Collins, "I have a Life Support meeting to go to..." (0:15)

A young woman buys a packet of heroin from a drug dealer.
She injects her arm. (0:18)

Stripper Mimi Marquez tells Roger, "I think that I dropped my stash."
Roger: ”I used to be a junkie.” (0:21)

Angel, in drag. (0:27)

Support group meeting (0:38, 0:52, 1:41, 1:42)

Benny tells the others, "There was a death in the family." (1:12)

Tom smokes a joint. (1:17)

Maureen tells her lawyer partner Joanne Jefferson, "... I can’t take much more of this, this obsessive-compulsive, control-freak paranoia."
Maureen calls Joanne, ”An anal retentive.” (1:35)

Mimi buys heroin from the dealer.
Roger finds Mimi preparing to inject heroin. (1:41)

Mimi appears to experience opioid withdrawal. (1:42)

Funeral service for Angel (1:45)

Burial of Angel in a cemetery (1:50)

By telephone, Benny leaves a message, referring to Mimi: "She dropped out of rehab, and I’m afraid that she may have started using again."
Woman’s voice: ”I’m really starting to get worried.” (1:57)

Reference in Connie and Carla