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Repentance (2013)

CastForest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie, Mike Epps, Sanaa Lathan, Nicole Ari Parker, Ariana Neal
Year released2013
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Contractor Angel tells author Tommy, referring to Angel's deceased mother, "I keep seeing her." (0:05)

Tommy asks Angel, "How much lithium you taking? The side effects are debilitating... I saw my fair share when I was a therapist. Are you bipolar as well? I believe in confidentiality."
"Your denial is so deep..." (0:17)

Angel sees his mother. Angel tells Tommy, "My thoughts are running through my mind so fast it's like channels that just keep switching."
Tommy: "Drugs don't cure pain." (0:19)

Tommy tells his wife Maggie, "I was with a new patient."(0:22)

Angel tells Tommy, "They took my mom before her time... I'm empty inside."(0:24)

Angel shows Tommy his mother's grave in a graveyard.(0:25)

A woman tells Tommy, referring to Angel, "The boy just sad 'cause his momma passed."
Tommy: "For the purposes we're here you can think of this as a therapy session."
Angel sees his mother. He says, "I'm not crazy." (0:27)

His ex-con brother Ben tells him, "Now... you some kind of little therapist..." (0:32)

Angel asks Tommy, "It sounds crazy now, but remember, Russians?"
"I'm not crazy!"
"You think that I'm losing my mind..." (0:40)

Angel tells Tommy the spray is "Hydromorphone."
Tommy: "It's better for my patients if I know both." (0:48)

Angel injects Tommy. (0:52)

Angel texts to Maggie: "Tour is crazy." (0:53)

Tommy tells Angel, "You're just bat shit crazy."
Angel: "You ever heard of a man named Antonio Egas Moniz?"
"Lobotomy." (1:08)

Angel anesthetizes Maggie with a soaked cloth. Ether? Chloroform? (1:12)

Tommy injects himself. (1:16)

Ben tells the others, "We was both tanked that night. We was both drunk..." (1:23)

Seeing his brother handling a revolver Ben tells Tommy, "Don't do anything crazy, bro."
Angel and Jessica hear a gunshot. Angel sees his mother. (1:29)

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