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Leslie Nielsen, Linda Blair, Ned Beatty, Anthony Starke, Thom Sharp, Lana Schwab, Benj Thall, Dove Dellos, Jacquelyn Masche
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Nancy's son Ned tells his sister Frieda and his father Braydon, referring to Nancy, “Twenty bucks says it's PMS.”
”Yep, definitely PMS.” (0:10)

Father Jebedaiah Mayii tells his class, “As a matter of fact at that time I was so burned out, I couldn't find my butt with both hands.” (0:11)

Mayii: “God comforts even the lowliest of men, even though they lack any shred of intelligence.” (0:14)

Father Luke Brophy asks Nancy, “Mrs. Aglet, are you under any kind of psychiatric care at all?”
”I know it sounds crazy...” (0:20)

Ned: “I still say it's PMS.” (0:26)

Brophy tells Mayii, referring to Nancy, “She's displaying all the main traits... a maniacal facial expressions...”
Mayii: ”Could it be she has PMS?”
Luke, it is your destiny.”
”... may the faith be with you.” (0:29)

Evangelist Ernest Weller tells his wife Fanny Ray, referring to Nancy, “She is just a nut with a bad complexion...” (0:47)

Satan, through Nancy, tells Mayii, “You've got just as many of those unsavory types here, from those Domino pizza delivery boys to that idiot in the back row who won't shut up during the movie.”
Mayii tells Brophy, ”It is merely an illusion.”
”As I said, it is merely an illusion.”
Nancy: ”Oh yes, that may have been an illusion...”
Mayii as Groucho Marx: ”This is the craziest exorcism I have ever performed.”
Nancy: “Who needs steroids?”
Host Gene: ” Steroids aren't used in wrestling anymore.”
Wrestler Jesse Ventura: ”It looks like a transvestite battle royal.”
Brophy: “... sex, drugs, and rock and roll.” (1:07)

Nancy: “There's no place like home. There's no place like home...” (1:18)

Student: “No offense, but I think you’re insulting our intelligence.” (1:19)