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Anders Danielsen Lie, Espen Klouman-Høiner, Viktoria Winge, Odd Magnus Williamson, Pål Stokka, Christian Rubeck, Henrik Elvestad, Rebekka Karijord, Sigmund Sæverud, Henrik Mestad
Prozac | fluoxetine | Seroquel | quetiapine | Ian Curtis | Russ Meyer
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Narrator, referring to writer Phillip: "The sight of the Lascaux paintings would have provoked a delirious fit."
"Believing he knows Japanese, he'd follow a tourist group from Hiroshima an entire day -- before collapsing. Diagnosis: acute Stendhal syndrome."
"The writer's block was a fact."
"Her father had idealized her... causing a deep inferiority complex... she would have thrown herself from a balcony."
Erik grieves the loss of his girlfriend. (0:02)

Erik takes his writer friend Phillip home from a psychiatric hospital." (0:08)

His friend asks Phillip, "Did you get hold of any good drugs Phillip?"
Phillip: "They said... more people get addicted to..." (0:09)

Phillip lies on a stretcher with bloody hands. Erik recalls him breaking the glass. (0:10)

Phillip takes his medication. (0:18)

Narrator: "... incidentally the worst use of a Russ Meyer film title as a band name ever." (0:19)

Narrator: "The doctors said his obsessive romance with Kari had triggered his psychosis. When Phillip was committed Kari was advised not to visit him." (0:24)

Erik tells Phillip, "And if we feel the urge we'll practice deviant, fetishistic sex with prostitutes."
Phillip: "You can practice deviant, fetishistic sex with Lillian."
The writers' friend Lars says, referring to women, "They end up as understimulated bourgeois retards." (0:26)

His publisher tells Erik, "Imagine a critic writing a review of 'Prozac-and-pee.'"(0:38)

Erik tells Phillip, "Listen, 'Rain Man'..." (0:42)

Erik asks Phillip, "What does your psychiatrist say?"
Erik tells Kari, "I'm pretty nervous about that." (0:51)

Phillip tells Erik, "I took a little too much Seroquel."
Erik: "You're taking your medication?" (0:57)

Erik, referring to a runner wearing a Joy Division T-shirt (See Ian Curtis.): "He got head hunted by some pharmaceutical company in the USA... his girlfriend... got depressed." (1:00)

Phillip tells Kari, "I may have been little nervous." (1:03)

Phillip asks Kari, "Why was I so nervous?" (1:08)

A television talk show host interviews Erik: "You write about madness."
Erik: "It isn't really about madness... but... that is a madness of sorts." (1:13)

Kari tells Erik, "It may seem stupid, but I'm studying psychology."
Erik asks Phillip, referring to writer Dahl, "He killed himself?"
Phillip: "One went nuts." (1:39)

Narrator, referring to Erik and Phillip: "They would have discussed S. E. Dahl's suicide." (1:41)