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Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser, Yvonne Furneaux, Patrick Wymark, Renee Houston, Valerie Taylor, James Villiers
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Beauty parlor worker Bridget tells manicurist Carol, "I could cut my throat." (0:25)

Bridget tells Carol, "Stop dreaming." Carol appears preoccupied. (0:41)

Carol handles her sister Helen's boyfriend Michael's straight razor. (0:45)

Carol appears to hallucinate loud noises. (0:47)

When Carol switches on the light a crack appears in the wall. (0:51)

A man appears to assault Carol. She neglects herself and food in the apartment, leaving a skinned, uncooked rabbit out of the refrigerator. (0:54)

Carol stops while giving a manicure then injures the client. (0:57)

Bridget finds the head of the rabbit in Carol's purse. (0:59)

Carol hears cracking sounds coming from the wall, then she sees the walls crack. The wall turns to clay so soft that her hand leaves an imprint. She shrinks from her suitor Colin at the door. (1:04)

Carol kills Colin and places his body in the bathtub. She appears to have no remorse or appreciation for what she has done. She sews and sings. Would she be found not guilty by reason of insanity? (1:10)

Another assault by a man in her bed. (1:14)

Carol wanders through an empty apartment. A hand protrudes from a wall and grabs her. (1:16)

The landlord says, "This is a flaming nut house." (1:22)

The wall cracks. (1:31)

Carol irons a shirt, but the iron is not plugged in. (1:32)

The man assaults Carol in bed. (1:33)

Many hands protruding from the walls try to grab Carol. (1:34)

Helen panics when she sees the bodies and her sister. (1:37)

Does this psychopathology appear authentic? Does Carol's condition match that of any known mental disorder? If so, how might you diagnose her?