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Requiem for a Dream

Ellen Burstyn, Jared Leto, Jennifer Connelly, Marlon Wayans,Christopher McDonald, Louise Lasser, Marcia Jean Kurtz,Janet Sarno, Keith David, Sean Gullette, Ben Shenkman
amphetamine | cocaine | heroin | marijuana | coffee | caffeine
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The film juxtaposes stories of prescription drug addiction and street drug addiction, stories related to one another by Sara and her junkie son Harry. The identity of the drugs portrayed remains ambiguous. Pills sequence: Brief closeups of prescription drugs include unidentified anorexiants and a hypnotic. Are they actual pharmaceuticals, or imitations? The street drugs suggest cocaine and heroin. Drug sequences: Brief closeups suggest cooking of heroin, but the dilating pupil suggests use of a different class of drug. (0:05)

Harry tells Marion, “They hook you up... with a croaker shrink.” (0:12)

Sara tells her friend, “When I tell you, you’re gonna jump out of the window.” (0:13)

Marion's hand with tablets offered to Harry and his friend Tyrone. Each swallows one. (0:15)

Marion: Drug sequence showing brief close ups of white powder, snorting through a rolled bill. (0:20)

Harry: brief close ups of rolling, smoking a joint. (0:23)

Harry tells his friend Tyrone, “If we... get wasted we’ll...”
Tyrone: “All I’m saying is we should take a little taste so we know how much to cut.”
Drug sequence. (0:25)

Marion tells Harry, referring to her psychiatrist, “Because I don’t want him mentioning to my parents that I stopped therapy.” (0:27)

Drug sequence.
Brief shots of dividing white powder drug for sale. (0:30)

Sara sorts diet pills and a sleeping pill. (0:31)

Tyrone rolls a joint. (0:32)

Harry tells Marion that he asked himself, referring to Sarah, “What’s her fix?...If ever there’s a TV junkie it’s the old lady.” (0:34)

Brief shots of white powder, pills, coffee. Sara frantically active. (0:35)

Sara: Pills sequence. (0:36, 0:37, 0:48, 0:49, 0:51, 1:06)

Harry notices that Sara grinds her teeth: “You on uppers?”
”You on uppers?”
”You’re on diet pills, ain’t you?”
"You're makin' a croaker for speed."
”Do you want to be a dope fiend for Christ sake?”
Sara: “What’s with the dope fiend?”
Harry: "I'm telling you that croaker's no good."
“You’ll get strung out...”
”Now I’m straight.” (0:41)

A drug dealer interprets sign language to Tyrone, “He says... you’re not a junky.” (0:47)

Marion and Harry: drug sequence. (0:48)

Sara appears to hallucinate noises coming from her refrigerator. (0:50)

Tyrone tells Harry, referring to “Big Tim,” “He’s hooked on that thang.” (0:51)

Marion tells Harry, “Maybe we should dip in now.”
”Tyrone is going to score in the morning Harry.” (0:52)

Harry tells Tyrone, “That’s... insane.”
Tyrone: “Man ain’t gonna lay no nickel bag on you.” (0:56)

Marion's psychiatrist Arnold asks Marion, “Are you depressed?” (0:57)

Harry: Drug sequence. (1:00)

Powder drug in plastic wrappers distributed by a dealer.
Marion desperate for a fix. (1:00)

Harry tells Tyrone, “Stupid... junkie.”
Harry: “What would happen if we went down there to cop?”
”You telling me that you can’t nose out some dope when it’s around?” (1:05)

Sara's mental state deteriorates. (1:06)

Marion asks Harry, “Where’s the score?”
Harry: “Then some dumbass junkie...”
Marion: “Some dumbass junkie did what?” (1:07)

Sara hallucinates the refrigerator approaching her as she swallows pills. She hallucinates people from a television show in her apartment, laughing at her. Workers dismantle her apartment as it turns into the set of a show. Her perceptions distort. (1:08)

A man on a subway tells Sara, “You’re whacked.” (1:14)

Marion desperate for a fix. (1:16)

Sara restrained on a stretecher.
Tyrone and Harry: Drug sequence. Both inject. (1:17)

Technicians put Sara in restraints. (1:25)

Psychiatrist Dr. Spencer tells Sara, “We’ve had excellent results with ECT in the past.”
Harry and Tyrone withdrawing. (1:29)

Staff apply EEG electrodes to Sara’s forehead and insert a bite block between her teeth. Three stimuli administered with handheld bitemporal electrodes produce tonic-clonic responses. (1:30)