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Ray Charles | Dorothy Dandridge | Aretha Franklin | Judy Garland | Billie Holiday | Etta James
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His mother tells preacher Clarence L. Franklin, referring to the estranged mother of his children, "Barbara’s dead." (0:14)

Clarence asks Aretha Franklin: "Do you think you can stay silent forever, Ree?" (0:18)

C.L. tells the congregation, "I’m ecstatic, to be able to report to you, that we have filled up the jail..."
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: ”Some people think that we are crazy for taking on this fight.” (0:22)

King tells C. L.’s daughter Aretha Franklin, "... then you need to be leadin’ this movement and teaching me how to not be terrified of these crazy white folks." (0:24)

C. L. tells record producer John Hammond, "There can sometimes be a lack of effortlessness of the kind you find in a... Dorothy Dandridge..." (0:31)

C. L. answers Hammond, referring to Aretha, "Like a black Judy Garland." (0:33)

Singer Dinah Washington tells Aretha, "You’re singin’ anything... and then some Billie Holiday Blues."
Ray Charles told me that the best sex he ever had was when he was singin’ on the gospel circuit.” (0:35)

Hammond tells C. L., "Well, I’ve worked with... Billie Holiday." (0:38)

Ted White tells C. L., referring to Aretha, "She worries about failing you..." (0:50)

Record producer Jerry Wexler tells Aretha and Ted, referring to Aretha’s recording of Skylark, "You know what Etta James said when she heard it?... You ruined that song for Etta James." (0:53)

Her sister Carolyn tells Aretha, referring to their parents’ fighting, "I still have nightmares about it." (1:12)

Tour manager Ken Cunningham tells the others, "I warned them not to get to crazy with it..." (1:31)

Ted tells Aretha, "Another man would have killed you by now, crazy way you act."
Aretha calls Ted ”... a lying, no good, just useless psychopath.” (1:34)

Funeral procession for Martin Luther King, Jr. (1:41)

C. L. asks Aretha, "Have you lost your mind, huh?" (1:47)

Wexler tells Aretha, "That’s crazy." (1:48)

Her sister Erma tells Aretha, "Well, next time you have a breakdown, don’t call us."
Her sister Carolyn tells Aretha, ”Here comes the paranoia.” (1:50)

Aretha appears intoxicated as you goes on stage. (1:55)

Aretha sees a vision of her dead mother. (1:59)

Aretha: "All I want to do now is drink, Jerry."
Wexler: ”Well, let me get you into a program.”
Aretha: ”I’m in a program.” (2:03)

Aretha tells choir director James Cleveland, referring to the film crew, "... if I break down like I did right now, they gonna think I lost my mind." (2:07)