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Rich and Famous

George Cukor, Jacqueline Bisset, Candice Bergen, David Selby, Hart Bochner, Steven Hill, Meg Ryan, Matt Lattanzi, Daniel Faraldo, Nicole Eggert
Dorothy Parker | amobarbital-dextroamphetamine | Dexamyl | cocaine | marijuana
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Remake of Old Acquaintance

Merry asks her friend Liz, “Are you crazy?” (0:03)

Merry’s husband Doug tells author Liz, “I’m drunk.” (0:10)

Liz tells Doug, “I”m what is called blocked.”
”I’ve got no lover, but I’ve got a therapist... The man’s a Freudian.” (0:11)

Merry tells Liz, referring to neighbor Kent, “He has become far too familiar with drugs, some of which he puts up his nose.” (0:16)

Merry asks Liz, “You’re not getting drunk, are you?”
Liz: “Do you know what it is to be blocked? Could you develop a few hangups?”
Referring to Proust, ”They had a guy... who was such a nitroglycerin in the head that he had to hide out in a cork-lined room or else he’d have gone up in shrapnel.” (0:18)

Liz tells Doug, “I haven’t figured out whether I like you better drunk or sober.”
Merry tells Doug, “You’re drunk.”
Liz tells Merry, “Well, I took a Dexamyl and cleaned house today.”
”Oh, the dexie did it.”
Liz tells Merry, ”This is not Bellevue, and I do not accept responsibility for the toxic level of my guests.” (0:42)

Liz tells reporter Chris, “Somebody left some grass around here.”
”When they said someone from the Stone was coming I imagined a satin jumpsuit and two coke spoons coming out of your nose.”
Liz tells Merry and Doug’s daughter Debby, ”There’s only room here for me and the ghost of Dorothy Parker.”
Merry, referring to Debby’s friend Ginger, “He’s addicted to the practice.”
Liz tells Chris, “I find this mid-century obsession with young flesh obscene.” (0:58)

Liz tells Chris, “Yeats was an absolute madman.”
”Does sex confuse you?”
”I went to this therapist one summer. He had this insane notion that’s probably true.” (1:21)

Merry tells Liz that Doug is “Dry as the Sahara.” (1:42)