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Rio Bravo

Dean Martin, John Wayne, Ricky Nelson, Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan, Ward Bond, John Russell, Pedro Gonzalez Gonzalez, Estelita Rodriguez, Claude Akins, Malcolm Atterbury
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Sheriff’s deputy Dude asks Pat Wheeler, "You mean sober?"
”You know what borrachon means?”
”It means drunk.” (0:06)

His friend Wheeler tells Sheriff John Chance, referring to deputy Stumpy and Dude, "A game-legged old man and a drunk." (0:11)

Prisoner Joe Burdette tells Dude, referring to Stumpy, "I'd rather listen to a drunk than him." (0:13)

Chance asks dude, "Think you invented the hangover?" (0:20)

Chance tells wheeler, referring to Wheeler's guards, "Some well-meaning amateurs, most of them worried about their wives and kids... The only thing they're worried about is earning their pay." (0:24)

Chance, referring to Wheeler: “He’s dead.” (0:35)

Bartender Charlie: "Dude, you've been seeing things again." (0:42)

Stumpy tells Chance and Dude, "Why, you're crazy."
Dude tells Stumpy, referring to Chance, ”If he were to change, that would worry me.” (0:45)

Widow Feathers tells Chance, referring to her husband’s death, "He was shot." (0:50)

Rancher Nathan Burdette tells Dude, "You're pretty good with that gun when you're sober."
Dude: ”You mean being sober, I'm getting practice on account of your brother."
“Matt, did you hear the boss say that I was sober?” (0:58)

His brother Joe tells Nathan, referring to Stumpy, "He looks just crazy enough to shoot me." (1:03)

Stumpy tells Chance, "Your memory ain't no better than mine." (1:15)

Dude tells Chance, "That idiot just took a shot at me." (1:20)

One of Nathan Burdette's men tells Chance, "You're gonna turn Joe Burdette loose, or you and your deputy are gonna quit worrying about this whole thing." (1:31)

Dude tells Chance, "I'm good when I'm sober, boy, real good."
Chance: ”Get drunk.” (1:33)

Feathers asks Colorado, "Would you say I'm an idiot?"
”... that's what I am, a soft-headed idiot.”
”We're just a bunch of idiots, that's all, just a bunch of idiots.” (1:36)

Stumpy tells Dude, "Why, they’re crazy."
Dude: ”Shakes are gone.”
Stumpy tells Chance, referring to Dude, ”You can quit worrying about him and start thinking about me.” (1:39)

Chance asks Dude, "Are you out of your mind?" (1:54)

Stumpy: "Chance, you're crazy."
Colorado: ”I’m not worried about that.”
Stumpy: ”Fella’s got to be a drunk to get anywhere around here...” (2:00)

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