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Rio Grande

John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Ben Johnson, Claude Jarman Jr., Harry Carey Jr., Chill Wills, J. Carrol Naish, Victor McLaglen
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HIs wife Kathleen tells cavalry colonel Kirby, referring to Sgt. Maj. Quincannon, “I see you still have that arsonist with you.”

”The reluctant arsonist.” (0:27)

Kathleen faints. (0:45)

Kirby tells Kathleen, “We can’t have the colonel’s lady fainting every time there’s a little shooting.” (0:48)

Dr. Wilkins: “As a doctor I would diagnose those as saddle sores.”
Kathleen: ”And promoting arsonists to be Sergeant Majors.” (0:51)

Quincannon asks Dr. Wilkins, “What is an arsonist?”
Dr. Wilkins tells Quincannon ”An arsonist is a person who sets buildings on fire for profit or perverse excitement.” (0:54)

Intoxicated Native American warriors. (1:31)

Trilogy: Fort Apache | She Wore a Yellow Ribbon | Rio Grande