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Road House (1989)

Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzara, Marshall R. Teague, Julie Michaels, Red West, Sunshine Parker, Jeff Healey, Kevin Tighe, John Doe, Kathleen Wilhoite
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Bouncer James Dalton tells a drug dealer, “We’re selling booze here, not drugs.” (0:22)

Wade tells a bar patron, “Take it easy, Rambo.” (0:46)

His musician friend Cody tells Dalton, referring to “Doc” Clay, “As I hear it, she left town, and he went nuts.” (1:07)

His bouncer friend Wade tells “Doc”, referring to Dalton, “I was very drunk. The kid here got his head cracked.” (1:11)

Doc asks local business magnate Brad, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:26)

Dalton, referring to Brad, “Doc, the man is crazy.” (1:38)