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Road Show

CastAdolphe Menjou, Carole Landis, John Hubbard
Year released1941
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Groom Drogo Gaines appears catatonic before making animal noises. (0:02)

Her mother, Mrs. Newton, tells bride Helen Newton, referring to Drogo: "I think he’s nuts."
Doctor: ”It must be a mental collapse...”
Helen’s brother Ed: ”... we wouldn’t have cared if he did go goofy.” (0:03)

Helen tells Drogo, "Everybody in this house thinks you’re crazy... they’re gonna think you’re crazy for the rest of your life...."
”He’s crazy.”
Ed breaks a vase over Drogo’s head, rendering him unconscious. (0:04)

In a psychiatric hospital, Mr. N gives Drogo an hallucinated flower. (0:06)

Drogo tells fellow inmate Colonel Carleton Carroway, "I’m going to escape." (0:10)

Carleton tells Drogo, "The fool guard didn’t show up in time..." (0:15)

Carleton tells Drogo, ".... playing the coward, eh?" (0:16)

Carleton tells carnival owner Penguin Moore, referring to Drogo, "His instincts, you know, are all bad." (0:18)

Carleton: "... the gay, pleasure-mad throngs." (0:19)

Performer Jinx: "Now patience, sheriff, patience..." (0:22)

Carleton tells a man, "You look like an intelligent person..." (0:25)

Penguin tells Drogo, "... your instincts are all bad."
Drogo: ”My instincts?” (0:31)

Jinx tells her friend, “Oh, don’t worry...”
Referring to her uncle: "... He got it from looking through keyholes... You’re too tense..." (0:33)

His personal secretary, Harry Stanhope, tells Drogo, "I’ve been dreadfully worried about you."
Drogo: ”Don’t worry about me...” (0:37)

Penguin: "I feel like a fool, Colonel." (0:47)

Carleton asks Drogo, "Then what have you got to worry about?" (0:49)

Lion tamer Joe tells carnival worker Willie, "There's nothing to worry about..." (0:51)

Willie faints. (0:54)

Drogo tells Penguin, "... if you hadn’t let your stupid instincts get the better of you..." (0:57)

Carleton tells Drogo, referring to love, "You’ve got to have confidence in it to enjoy it." (1:01)

His nephew Harry Whitman tells Carleton, "I’ve been quite worried."
Carleton: ”Well, Harry, your worries are over.” (1:06)

Helen tells Ed, "Well, well, Mr. Drogo Gaines, the millionaire playboy is more cuckoo than I thought he was." (1:11)

Penguin: "... Nothing to worry about." (1:14)

A man punches Carleton in the face, then a bell falls on Carleton’s head. More head injuries follow. A head injury restores Carleton to consciousness.
A watermelon strikes a man on the head. (1:15)

Carleton tells Penguin, "Well now, don’t let that worry you."
Carleton tells Drogo, ”... don’t you worry.” (1:19)

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