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The Road Within

Dev Patel, Robert Patrick, Kyra Sedgwick, Robert Sheehan, Zoë Kravitz
Amy Winehouse | marijuana
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Vincent tics with coprolalia at the funeral for his mother: "Shut up, fucking pedophile."
"Cunt-licking fucking faggot! You dye your hairy pubes ginger. Fuck fuck...fucking cunt fucking faggot." (0:01)

Vincent's father tells him, referring to Vincent's mother, "You held her hand while she drank herself to death."
More tics, coprolalia. (0:04)

Psychiatrist Dr. Rose tells Vincent and his father, "Tourette's isn't something you can cure."
"What kind of drugs have you tried?"
Vincent: "Amy Winehouse sucks my cock."
Tics, coprolalia.
Dr. Rose: "What would you do if you could better control your tics?"
Vincent makes an obscene gesture. (0:06)

Vincent's new roommate Alex tells Rose, referring to Vincent, "His shoes are befouled."(0:09)

Vincent: Coprolalia, obscene gestures, tics, "Clean freak. Clean freak."
Alex: "And I'm British, you imbecile." (0:11)

Marie asks Vincent, "What, pot?"
"So, if they catch you with any alcohol or drugs, they take it to mean you're not serious about therapy, and you're out... Over there is building B, mostly depressives and suicidees."
Vincent: "It's Tourette's. Cunt." (0:12)

Alex engages in his rituals of repetition. (0:16)

Marie lights a joint, offers it to Vincent.
Child: "Idiot." (0:19)

Alex tells Vincent, "My CD, you idiot." (0:24)

Dr. Rose tells Robert, "He and two other patients are missing." (0:28)

Marie tells Alex, "That was his Tourette's, you idiot."
Alex: "It's just hard to tell where you stop, and your Tourette's begins."
Vincent: "You guys are fucking idiots." (0:31)

Dr. Rose tells Robert, "Excuse me, those are my patients." (0:33)

Alex tells Vincent that Marie is "Puking." (0:37)

Marie: "Vincent, stop ticcing. Stop ticcing, Vincent." (0:47)

Dr. Rose tells Robert, "Now you're projecting."
"Projecting." (0:42)

Alex repeatedly opens and closes the car door.
Marie: "Yeah, well I think I'm fat." (0:46)

Marie tells Alex, "What you need is a lobotomy." (0:52)

Marie tells Alex, referring to Vincent, "He didn't tic."
Marie tells Vincent, "You just said like four sentences without ticcing once."
Vincent: tics, coprolalia.
Alex: repetitive door opening and closing. (0:54)

Vincent smokes a joint.
Marie: "Maybe it will help with the ticcing."
Vincent gives the joint to Marie.
Alex: "Are you guys smoking weed?" (0:57)

Dr. Rose tells Robert, "Anorexia is a disease of the mind... all she sees is fat." (1:02)

Alex tells Marie, referring to Vincent, "He has Tourette's." (1:04)

Alex tells the others his money came from his "disability allowance."
"I think I have a lot to offer, but these stupid rituals just take over everything." (1:09)/taxonomy/term/6783

Marie purges. (1:15)

Vincent asks Alex, "Are you out of your mind? Crazy cunt." (1:17)

Robert tells Rose, "Something died inside of me when we got the diagnosis." (1:21)

Vincent finds Marie restrained in a hospital bed. (1:29)

Vincent tells Robert, "Maybe it's because I have fucking Tourette's." (1:32)

Remake of Vincent Wants to Sea