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Robin and the 7 Hoods

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby, Peter Falk, Barbara Rush, Victor Buono, Allen Jenkins
ethyl alcohol | Peter Falk
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Gang boss Big Jim tells the guests, "Now everybody get drunk.”
Gangster Guy Gisborne: ”Before yous all get drunk, a toast..." (0:04)

Burial of Big Jim in a cemetery (0:12)

Sheriff Octavious Glick tells Guy, referring to gangster Robbo, "With 85 guns waitin’, he’d have to be out of his skull." (0:26)

Gangster Will asks another gangster, "What are you worried about?"
Will: ”I didn’t mean to make you nervous... why don’t you go take a rest so you won’t be nervous anymore...” (0:30)

Gangster Little John: "A hundred thousand hangovers down the drain." (0:34)

Big Jim’s daughter Marian Stevens tells Robbo, "My mother died when I was four."
Robbo: ”Stop acting like a crazy kid.”
”I’m just worried.” (0:40)

Guy tells the others, "... this guy’s worried about dirtying the floor... there’s nothing to worry about..." (0:43)

Orphan home secretary Alan A. Dale tells Robbo, "I was so overcome with pride and gratification that I couldn’t resist the compulsion to reveal the happy tidings... " (1:00)

An orphan tells Alan, "If you think I’m going to join this cockamamie outfit, you’r nuts." (1:04)

Alan tells the others, "... I’m impelled to observe that you have just indulged in a mixed metaphor." (1:07)

Guy tells Alvin Potts, "... I’ve got nothing to worry about..."
Potts: ”Just be patient.” (1:13)

Sign: "ALCOHOL IS EVIL" (1:17)

Guy, on the witness stand, quotes Robbo: "Don’t worry about Sheriff Glick..." (1:29)

Little John tells Marian, referring to a dancer, "... Grubby got worried that I was also going with her" (1:)

Guy tells Marian, referring to Robbo, "... he’s a cannibal..." (1:50)

Announcer: "Chicagoans... were shocked today to discover that the kitchens were only fronts for one of the largest counterfeiting operations in the city’s history." (1:57)