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Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers, Burgess Meredith, Thayer David, Joe Spinell, Jimmy Gambina, Jodi Letizia, Tony Burton
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Boxer Rocky tells Mike, “You put my stuff on Skid Row... you put my stuff in a bag on Skid Row.”
Mike referring to Mickey: ”He’s in a bad mood.” (0:18)

Rocky's meat-packing plant worker friend Paulie tells Rocky, “I’d like to kill the freakin’ moron...”
”He’s a freakin’ moron... get me so crazy...”
Rocky: ”Don’t get mental, man.”
Paulie: ”You caught me in a bad mood.”
Rocky: ”You’re always in a bad mood.”
”I’d like to kill the freakin’ moron who broke the mirror.” (0:23)

Rocky asks the bartender, “Hey, you crazy?” (0:25)

Loan shark Tony’s driver Buddy tells Rocky, referring to Paulie's pet store clerk sister Adrian, “I hear she’s retarded.”
Rocky: “She ain’t retarded. She’s shy.”
”I hear retards like the zoo.”
Tony: ”What, are you driving me crazy?” (0:31)

Rocky lights a joint. (0:34)

Rocky tells Adrian’s brother Paulie, referring to Adrian, “She’s in a bad mood. I’m in a bad mood.”
“I look like an idiot.” (0:37)

Rocky tells ”You know, some people are very shy by nature. I’d say you’re very shy by nature.”
“Some people think that being shy is a disease.”
”I’m dumb. You’re shy.”
”You gotta be a moron. You gotta be a moron to be a fighter.” (0:44)

Mickey tells Rocky, “You drive me crazy...” (1:19)

Paulie rages. (1:27)

Rocky II

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