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Roger Dodger

Campbell Scott, Jesse Eisenberg, Isabella Rossellini, Elizabeth Berkley, Jennifer Beals, Mina Badie, Ben Shenkman, Chris Stack, Gabriel Millman, Colin Fickes
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Chris tells the others, "I’m confused and frightened." (0:04)

Copywriter Roger Swanson, Chris’ coworker, tells his girlfriend and boss Joyce Maynard, "I was insane." (0:8)

Roger tells a woman at the bar, "That must make you nervous."
Woman: ”Why would that make me nervous?”
Roger: ”Low self-esteem... but a recent dose of therapy has convinced you that inner beauty is what really matters...”
”Unless you’re an idiot... unless you’re some kind of pathetic self-help junkie...” (0:15)

Roger tells his nephew Nick, "I thought you were having a narcoleptic episode."
Nick: ”Well, my brain gets all sloppy when I’m stressed, so the meditation helps me focus...”
”It’s visualization...”
”I haven’t seen you since Grandma’s funeral.”
”She was nuts.”
Roger: ”Yeah, she was nuts.” (0:23)

Roger tells Nick, "The high school building is four stories, if memory serves." (0:30)

Roger tells Nick, "Loss of inhibition is crucial to you success tonight..."
”When we get those girls over here, your first instinct is going to be to open up.” (0:39)

Sophie tells the others, "There was so much time and money and energy spent obsessing and analyzing..."
”... at a certain point you start internalizing the male gaze.”
Roger: ”Make sure we’re not hallucinating.”
Nick: ”It always drives me nuts when I hear a guy going on about something a girl does that’s supposed to be so sexy.”
Roger: ”... they add up to the personality...” (0:43)

Nick tells Andrea, referring to his mother Susan, "She and Roger don’t really speak anymore."
Referring to Susan: ”She’s just really high.” (0:48)

Sophie tells the others, referring to her date, "He was just as nervous as I was."
”Well, he did admit to masturbating like crazy beforehand...” (0:57)

Sophie tells Nick, "Don’t worry about it..." (1:03)

Nick tells Roger, "I think I’m drunk."
Referring to partiers: ”They seem pretty drunk.” (1:07)

Nick tells Roger, referring to Donna, "She was passed out."
”Are you drunk?” (1:20)

Roger: "Nick, don’t worry about it." (1:27)

Nick tells Roger, "I don’t drink caffeine." (1:32)

Nick comes home to find Roger with Susan. (1:36)

One of Nick’s guy friends tells Roger, "Yeah, but I always get so nervous."
”If there was a chance of you actually getting laid, then you’d have a reason to be getting nervous... So you get nervous? Maybe you’re the nervous guy... Stutter all you want.”
Another guy: ”You can’t let a girl know how nervous you are.”
Roger: ”Here’s what you could say... but I get so nervous that, um, nothing comes out.” (1:38)