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Roma (2018)

Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira
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Maid Cleo tells maid Adela, referring to their employer Teresa, "Yeah, she's there stalking you." (0:21)

Her lover Fermin tells Cleo, "My mother died when I was a kid... I started drinking, and then huffing." (0:26)

One of Teresa’s kids tells another, "You smell even more, idiot"
”Shut up, idiot.” (0:53)

Teresa tells Billy, "You're drunk." (1:01)

One of the kids suggest they go to the movie "Marooned." (1:08)

Scene from Marooned (1:13)

Grandma tells young Toño, "Don't be an idiot." (1:29)

Toño’s brother Pepe asks Cleo, "Have you gone mute?" (1:54)

Pepe answers Toño: "Yes, but Cleo has gone mute." (1:54)