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To Rome with Love

Woody Allen, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penélope Cruz, Judy Davis, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page, Alison Pill, Carol Alt
Ambien | zolpidem | Sigmund Freud
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Architect John tells the others, “All those old ruins just depress me. I get Ozymandias melancholia.”
John’s friend Carol: “Ozymandias melancholia.” (0:08)

Clerk Leopoldo tells the others, “Better than The King’s Speech.” (0:11)

Architecture student Jack tells John, referring to his lover Sally’s actress friend, “Actually, judging from Sally’s description, Monica’s kind of like a neurotic, unpredictable type.”
John: “Beautiful, funny... and also neurotic...” (0:19)

Businessman Antonio calls prostitute Anna “Idiot.”
Anna: “And you just called me an idiot.”
Antonio, referring to his wife: “If Milly walks in I will jump out of the window. I will kill myself.” (0:22)

Sally tells Jack, referring to Monica, “Well men always, they just go crazy for her.”
Jack: ”Well, I’m crazy for you.”
Jack tells John, “All I can say is, if something is clicking, it’s so subconscious, I’m totally unaware.”
Monica tells Sally, “I had a scotch and three Ambien, but still...” (0:23)

Monica tells Sally and Jack, referring to her friend Donald, “It was my ego that thought I could change him...”
Jack: ”I really have no repressed...”
Monica, referring to her actress friend Victoria: “And why she was suddenly obsessed with me, I don’t... and I just become crazed... and that’s when I started seeing the shrink five days a week...”
Jack: “... sleeping pills, shrinks.” (0:25)

Phyllis tells mortician Giancarlo: “I’m a psychiatrist.”
Giancarlo tells his wife, “A psychiatrist.” (0:35)

Monica tells Jack, “I call that futile feeling Ozymandias melancholia.”
John: “You saw the movie, The Fountainhead.”
“The anxiety of influence...” (0:41)

Sally asks Jack, “So was it okay with Monica today, or did she just drive you crazy?”
Jack: “She’s a self-obsessed pseudo-intellectual.” (0:43)

Phyllis’s retired husband Jerry: “Hey, don’t psychoanalyze me, Phyllis, okay?... My brain doesn’t fit the usual id-ego-superego model.”
Phyllis: “No, you have the only brain with three ids.”
Jerry tells attorney Michelangelo, “Maybe you made your father nervous.”
Jerry: “There’s a psychological term for this.” (0:53)

Anna tells the others, “My father sold drugs.” (0:56)

Jack tells John, “I understand from where you sit it sounds crazy...” (1:02)

Jerry tells the others, referring to Giancarlo’s audience, “They identify.”
He tells Phyllis, “If you’re channeling Freud, ask for my money back.” (1:07)

Antonio tells Anna, “I’m so nervous.”
Anna, referring to Milly, “Especially if her husband is a nervous man afraid of his shadow.” (1:11)

Monica tells Jack, “I can do it by memory. I’m sure I can do it by memory.”
Monica: ”I think I’m a little drunk.”
”I’m a little bit drunk..” (1:14)

Monica tells Jack and John, “And although I hear he does a lot of drugs, somehow that burnt-out look is just so...” (1:29)

Robber: “Have you gone mad?”
”Are you crazy?” (1:32)

Michelangelo reads from the newspaper: “Except for whoever imbecile... Imbecile?”
Haley: “Yeah, imbecile.”
Michelangelo: “Whoever imbecile conceived this moronic experience should be taken out and beheaded.” (1:45)