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Roommates (1995)

Peter Falk, D.B. Sweeney, Julianne Moore, Ellen Burstyn, Jan Rubes, Joyce Reehling, Ernie Sabella, John Cunningham, Noah Fleiss
Peter Falk
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A cemetery. Funeral for young Michael's mother. (0:02)

Baker Rocky tells his grandson Michael, "When your heart is broke it's good to whistle." (0:07)

Aspiring surgeon Michael tells Rocky, "I have insomnia." (0:26)

Beth tells Michael, "I'm social worker."
"You ran out of patients to restrain?" (0:29)

Beth tells Michael, "A doctor thinks he can save the world, and a social worker knows she can't." (0:40)

Michael tells Beth "Nervous. Heart surgeons aren't supposed to get nervous." (1:13)

Funeral for Beth, cemetery scenes. (1:18)

A hospital administrator (physician?) tells Michael, "I'm not a psychiatrist, but in my opinion you're showing some symptoms of clinical depression."
"My wife died. I'm a little upset." (1:21)

Beth's mother Judith tells Rocky, "You senile old fool, you could have burned the whole house down." (1:25)

Rocky takes the children to visit their mother's grave. Michael follows. (1:35)

Beth's children at her grave. (1:38)

Michael sits with Rocky, gives him permission to die. (1:44)