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Katja Riemann, Maria Schrader, Doris Schade, Jutta Lampe, Jürgen Vogel, Martin Feifel, Fedja van Huêt, Carola Regnier, Svea Lohde, Thekla Reuten
Paul Goebbels | cocaine
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Cemetery (0:00)

Hannah tells the others, “Looks like we’re getting a crash course in Jewish mourning.”
Hannah’s mother Ruth: ”He was my husband, and I’m going to mourn for him...” (0:04)

Hannah tells her boyfriend Luis, referring to Ruth, “She’s gone crazy...”
”I’m not sure about anything except that my father’s dead and my mother’s nuts...” (0:10)

Ruth’s cousin Rachel tells Hannah, “I was egotistical like all children.” (0:18)

Two Jewish women jump to their deaths. A woman tells Fabian, “Idiotic.” (0:32)

Hannah writes to Luis, “I’m as nervous as a student before an exam.” (0:36)

Hannah tells Lena, “Anorexic women these days are scared, too.”
Lena: ”You don’t look anorexic.” (0:37)

Lena’s brother Arthur and his friend Lizzy snort cocaine. (0:58)

A German guard asks Lena, “Have you lost your mind?” (1:34)

Lena finds Klara’s lifeless body in her bed, apparent suicide. (1:46)

Lena meets Minister Joseph Goebbels. (1:51)

Lizzy asks Lena, “Before you and the minster get too tipsy, won’t you accompany me?” (1:52)