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A Royal Affair

Mads Mikkelsen, Alicia Vikander, Mikkel Boe Følsgaard, Trine Dyrholm, David Dencik, Thomas W. Gabrielsson, Cyron Melville, Bent Mejding, Harriet Walter, Laura Bro
ethyl alcohol-powdered opium | chloroform | ether
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King Christian’s old tutor Ditlev tells physician Johann, “You may have heard that the king has certain moods.” (0:24)

Christian tells Johann, “They all think I’m crazy.” (0:31)

Queen Caroline asks Christian, “Do you find it appropriate to get drunk at a whore house and act up every night? (0:32)

Johann tells Caroline, “It is your spirits that are the problem”
“Your mood. You’re in a bad mood.“ (0:33)

Johann’s friend Enevold tells Johann, “I don’t want to mourn your severed head.” (0:49)

Johann asks Christian, “Do you remember telling me that everyone at court thinks you’re crazy?” (0:52)

Christian asks Johann, “How about empty carriages driving around the city picking up people who are too drunk to find their way home?” (0:59)

Hamlet, in the play at court: “Perhaps out of my weakness and my melancholia, as he is very potent with such spirits, abuses me to damn me.” (1:20)

His friend Brandt tells Johann, referring to Christian, “He’s gone berserk.” (1:32)

A minister tells Johann, “They say you are poisoning Christian to make him insane.” (1:37)

Johann tells Caroline, referring to the medicine he gives her, “It’s laudanum.” (1:39)

Johann accuses Frederick of acting “Like a crazy person.” (1:42)

Caroline pours onto a handkerchief then inhales an unidentified substance. She falls to the floor and giggles, apparently intoxicated. Could the inhalant be chloroform or ether? (1:44)

Caroline tells Johann, “I’m not in the mood for a ball.” (1:45)

Caroline calls Rantzau, “You naive idiot.” (1:57)

Caroline learns of the execution of Johann and is overcome with grief. (2:07)