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The Royal Tenenbaums

Gene Hackman, Anjelica Huston, Ben Stiller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, Danny Glover, Seymour Cassel, Kumar Pallana, Alec Baldwin
Oliver Sacks | mescaline | nicotine | pentobarbital | Nembutal
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Poster for playwright Margot’s play: “EROTIC TRANSFERENCE” (0:11)

Margot’s neurologist husband Raleigh (possibly based on Oliver Sacks) administers a psychological test.
Narrator: “Raleigh’s next book was on the subject of a condition he called ‘Heinsbergen Syndrome’.”
Raleigh dictates: “Dudley suffers from a rare disorder combining symptoms of amnesia, dyslexia and color blindness. He has a highly acute sense of hearing.” (0:11)

Narrator, referring to Margot’s brother: “Chas’s wife Rachael was killed in a plane crash the previous summer.” (0:13) 

Margot’s lawyer father Royal asks his doctor, “What kind of side effects can be expected?” (0:18)

Her archaeologist mother Etheline tells Margot, “I don’t know exactly, but I think he’s been very depressed.” (0:20)

Etheline asks Royal, “Are you crazy?”
”What’s the prognosis?”
“Are you crazy?” (0:21)

Etheline tells her accountant suitor Henry, “I’m very nervous.” (0:32)

Royal, his sons, finance genius Chas and tennis star Richie, and Chas’s sons Ari and Uzi, visit the graves of Royal’s mother and Rachael in a cemetery. (0:35)

Family friend and author Eli greets Richie with a joint in his mouth. (0:40)

Eli tells Richie, “I’m on mescaline. I’ve been spaced out all day.”
Richie: “Did you say you’re on mescaline?” (0:41)

Chas tells the others, “Maybe I’m a little confused here.”
Chas asks Richie, “Are you out of your mind?”
Richie, referring to Royal: “I think he’s asleep because of the medication he’s on...” (0:43)

Royal asks Richie, “Grab me a Nembutal, will you, son?” (0:44)

Dr. McClure tells the others, “The condition was just a side effect.” (0:45)

Royal tells Chas, “I think you’re having a nervous breakdown.” (0:54)

By telephone, Henry says, “The name of the patient is Royal Tenenbaum.” (0:59)

Richie tells Margot and Royal, referring to Eli, “He’s on drugs.” (1:00)

Royal tells the others,”I did some malpractice work for him.” (1:02)

Looking at himself in a mirror, Richie says, “I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.”
He handles a razor. Blood streams from his wrists. (1:11)

Chas asks Richie, “Why’d you try to kill yourself?”
Richie: “I wrote a suicide note.”
”It’s a suicide note.” (1:12)

Royal tells servant Pagoda, “Well, I have to say he didn’t look half bad for a suicide, attempted anyway.” (1:16)

Richie shows Margot his lacerations. (1:18)

Eli behind a table covered with drugs and paraphernalia. (1:25)

Richie tells Eli, “But you didn’t have a drug problem then.” (1:27)

Royal visits Rachael’s grave. (1:29)

His son Walter tells Henry, “You’re just nervous.” (1:31)

Margot tells Etheline, “My nicotine inhaler. It’s supposed to help me quit.” (1:31)

Chas: “I’ve had a rough year, Dad.” (1:37)

Richie tells Margot, sucking on her nicotine inhaler, “Sometimes if a person has a traumatic experience their hair turns white.” (1:38)

Narrator: “Eli checked himself in to a rehabilitation hospital in North Dakota.”
Eli: “Oh, hey, this is my sponsor, Runs With Two Horses.” (1:40)

Narrator: “Chas... was the only witness to his father’s death.”
Burial of Royal at cemetery. (1:41)