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Run & Jump

Maxine Peake, Edward MacLiam, Will Forte, Sharon Horgan, Brendan Morrissey, Ciara Gallagher
nutmeg | marijuana
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Nora: “Did you put the nutmeg in yet?” (0:05) 

Nora: “So, Ted, you’re a psychologist.”
Family friend Tara: ”Neuropsychologist.”
Ted: ”Cognitive neuropsychologist.”
”... Mr. Casey’s recovery was very very rare.” (0:06)

Nora tells her husband Paddy, referring to their stroke victim son Conor’s wife Vanetia, “She’d be mad not to.” (0:08)

Ted, narrating his video: “Subject was in... inpatient rehab the following four. Rehab was conclusive... presents primarily with agitation.” (0:12)

Ted, narrating his video: “Third observed incident of somnambulism, possible. Possibly parasomnia or other symptomatic sleep disorder.” (0:16)

Ted, narrating his video: “Obsession with making wooden spheres continues.” (0:30)

Vanetia tells Ted, “So you think it’s a joke having drugs sent to this house.”
”So you had drugs sent to a house with two kids in it?”
”You had marijuana sent to a house where you should be working in a professional capacity.” (0:31)

Vanetia and Ted share a joint.
Vanetia, referring to Conor: “He’s obsessed.”
Ted: “No psycho-drama.”
Vanetia: “‘Sundowning’ means he gets more confused in the evenings, right?”
“I like that one, sundowning.” (0:32)

Paddy tells Vanetia, “I said you were mental, but I also knew you were mental about each other.” (0:42)

Conor asks Vanetia, “Are you mad?” (0:43)

Lenny takes a drug, probably his father’s prescription penbutolol. (0:57)

Conor tells Vanetia, “Dad’s dead, heart attack.” (0:59)

Wake for Paddy. (1:01)

Nora tells Vanetia, “I know you’re grieving a husband too.” (1:05)

Vanetia, at Lenny’s hospital bed, examines a prescription bottle of Conor’s penbutolol, suggesting Lenny took an overdose of the drug in a suicide attempt. (1:16)

Look for examples of agnosia, apraxia, aphasia, and perseveration.