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Run Silent, Run Deep

Burt Lancaster, Jack Warden, Don Rickles, Clark Gable, Brad Dexter, Nick Cravat
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Submarine Commander P.J. “Rich” Richardson tells Lieutenant Jim Bledsoe, "Don't worry, Jim." (0:12)

Crewman Meekly tells Crewman Jessie, "That's a one-way ticket, you idiot." (0:14)

Bledsoe asks Quartermaster 1st Class Ruby, "Ruby, you worried about drills?" (0:20)

Sonar man Vince asks the others, "Any of you gripers want a sleeping pill?"
Radio man Meekly: ”It's the craziest war patrol I ever started on.”
Ruby: ”You're all confused, my friend.” (0:23)

Medic Hendrix tells Richardson, "A stimulant, Captain, from the medical safe."
”You'd better worry about yourself, sir.”
Yeoman first class Mueller: ”You've had a pretty bad concussion.” (1:04)

Burial of Richardson at sea (1:31)