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Rush (1991)

Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Sam Elliott, Max Perlich, Gregg Allman, Tony Frank
amphetamine | cocaine | diazepam | Valium | heroin | marijuana | methamphetamine | Desoxyn | methaqualone | Quaalude | mixed amphetamine salts | Biphetamine | phenmetrazine | Preludin | psilocin | psilocybin
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Bikers share a joint. (0:02)

Detective Jim Raynor tells his new partner Detective Kristen Cates, "... I lost my motivation."
Cates: ”Were you narc up there, too?” (0:10)

Raynor asks Cates, "... couple of joints in high school?"
”... said you’d done two joints in high school...”
”... I got low self-esteem.” (0:11)

Raynor tells Cates, "We buy drugs... Everybody else, we’re junkies."
Cates rolls a joint.
Raynor: ”Outside the court, we’re here to buy dope... these people find out what we do, district attorney or the dealers, and it’s over...” (0:13)

Raynor asks a waitress, "Listen, we’re wondering, maybe you could get us some toot."
Waitress: ”Will’s turned paranoid.” (0:17)

Raynor tells Cates, as he draws up a syringe, "I’m gonna put a needle in my arm. This is called cooking. Okay, you cook heroin. You don’t cook coke. Some people cook speed... Shoot now, you parboil your heart... You do this with a dealer, you let him go first."
Raynor injects a vein in his arm.
”But it looks a little like speed...”
”The only shit about addiction is a matter of how strong you are. I’ve seen agents... plenty strung out.”
”... dealer won’t split down with nobody...” (0:18)

Creating lines of cocaine on a mirror.
Raynor insufflates cocaine.
Cates insufflates cocaine. (0:25)

Raynor tells Cates, referring to drug dealer Walker, "If nothing else, the boy deserves some slack for having such jam-up drugs... Mr. Will Gaines just might be the biggest dealer in Katterly." (0:27)

Police Chief Nettle: "Now at that time I had only a cursory knowledge of the volume of drug trafficking within the city... This here came off a little colored boy who was selling marijuana joints to his friends." (0:29)

Drug dealer Willie Reid: "You said you wanted some brown..."
Raynor: ”Just gettin’ my works.”
Raynor injects his arm.
Referring to Cates: ”No, she don’t fix. The lady, she don’t fix.”
Reid: ”I think she fix. I think she fix, or she don’t walk out of here.”
Cates cooks.
”Don’t get nervous, baby... You gonna be high as a Georgia pie... Peeps call it rush... Don’t worry about it, baby.” (0:29)

Raynor tells Cates, referring to dealers, "It’s a better high if they’re dirty." (0:36)

Raynor with paraphernalia. Cates asks him, "You cutting it?"
Raynor: ”I’m cutting it with mannitol.” (0:40)

Drug dealer Skully asks Jim, "You people nervous?" (0:41)

Walker tells Raynor, "... you said you wanted speed." (0:43)

Raynor tells Cates, "... diminished capacity and mitigating circumstances." (0:45)

Police Captain Larry Dodd tells Cates, "Jesus, Jimmy’s buying a shitload of crystal."
Cates: ”That and coke.”
Dodd: ”You’re wired.”
Cates: ”I came here from a coke buy.”
Dodd: ”I used to do a lot of that shit...” (0:46)

Cates asks Walker, "Ludes or a Valium?"
Cates, referring to his wristwatch: ”Guy gave it to me for some blow.”
Referring to Raynor: ”... he buys dope from everybody in town.” (0:48)

Walker tells Raynor, "... ain’t nobody could do as much dope as ya’ll been buyin’." (0:53)

Raynor tells Garvey, "Walker here said you might be able to score us some coke." (0:59)

Walker, holding up a capsule, tells Cates, "Blue ringers." (1:00)

Cates insufflates cocaine. (1:01)

Cates experiences visual distortions as she drives. (1:05)

Raynor asks Cates, "Do you want some Preludin?" (1:08)

Cates tells Walker, referring to Raynor, "He’s worried about Gaines."
Walker: ”Yeah, well Gaines is something to worry about.” (1:15)

"Preludin, Desoxyn, crank, Preludin, Preludin, Biphetamine..." (1:18)

Dodd asks Cates, referring to Raynor, "You got somethin’ to make him sleep." (1:24)

Raynor shows his track marks to Chief Nettle.
Cates asks Nettle, ”What would you say if we told you Will Gaines isn’t dealing drugs?”
”Will Gaines isn’t dealing drugs...”
Nettle: ”Now, Will Gaines is a dealer in drugs and pornography...” (1:27)

Raynor fills out a "Drug Purchase Report" (1:31)

Raynor tells Cates, referring to witnesses in court, "Nobody believes them, except other dealers and other cops." (1:32)

Walker tells Cates, "I got friends who’re gonna be doin’ forty years... for sellin’ somebody a dime bag..." (1:24)

Cates and Raynor find Walker’s lifeless body hanging by the neck, an apparent suicide. (1:38)

Cates answers, referring to Gaines: "We discussed the possibility of making a cocaine purchase from him that evening."
Cates, referring to Raynor: ”I sat in the car while he bought the cocaine.”
”... an envelope filled with white powder, which proved to be cocaine.” (1:40)

Raynor dies in Cates’ arms. (1:48)

A prosecutor asks: "Miss Cates, you were an undercover narcotics officer..., is that correct?"
Cates: ”We purchased drugs...”
Prosecutor: ”You and your partner purchased this cocaine from Mr. Gaines”
”Miss Cates, did you and your partner purchase this cocaine from Mr. Gaines? You previously testified... that you and your partner purchased this cocaine from Mr. Gaines... did you and your partner purchase this cocaine from Mr. Gaines?”
Cates: ”It was a stash.” (1:51)