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Rustin (2023)

CastColman Domingo, Chris Rock, Glynn Turman, Aml Ameen, Gus Halper, CCH Pounder, Da'Vine Joy Randolph, Johnny Ramey, Michael Potts, Jeffrey Wright, Audra McDonald
Year released2023
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Political activist Bayard Rustin, referring to card games: "... Crazy Eights." (0:10)

Activist Tyrone: "... This white man takes this pipe and hits me over and over. Hit me with pipe" 
Another activist tells activist Tom Kahn, ”... Beat you so bad your body starts to scream, beat you like they beat Tyrone. Beat you till you’re calling for your mama.” 
Rustin, pointing at his cheek: ”Only aim left. A policeman in ‘42 already took care of the right.” (0:11)

Rustin tells Tom, "Offering my face as a punching bag to a would-be Sugar Ray wasn’t enough?“
Tom smokes a marijuana cigarette. (0:13)

Rustin: "Do not kill an impulse before it’s born." (0:16)

A. Philip Randolph tells Rustin, "... I need you to behave." (0:19)

Activist Roy Wilkins tells Randolph: “Chief, if memory serves me, this is your third attempt...”
NAACP Field Secretary Medgar Evers: "... they... are engaged in a struggle far greater than they ever dreamed." 
Wilkins: ”... mass lobbying is sheer madness.” 
Rustin, referring to black children: ”... they see “whites only” signs instead of their dreams... That’s madness” (0:20)

Preacher Elias Taylor tells Rustin, "No, most people are modest, cautious, afraid." (0:24)

Taylor’s wife Claudia: "But wouldn’t that have been a dream?" (0:25)

Rustin asks Elias, referring to Claudia, "... your dream or hers?" (0:27)

Rustin tells coworker Jim, referring to protestors: ... they discovered a bravery they never knew they had, a bravery you’ll never know..
Rustin tells A. J. Muste: "I’m railing against Jim for being arrogant and ill-informed." 
Muste, ”... you became homosexual, to hurt them and yourself...” 
Rustin: ”... it felt like exalted rage...” (0:31)

Rustin asks Ella Baker, "... Why’s everyone so obsessed with what I’m doing and with whom?" 
Ella: ”I’m just curious as to why it took you so long to return my calls.” 
John Kennedy on television: ”... We face, therefore, a moral crisis...” (0:33)

A policeman physically abuses Rustin. (0:37)

Rustin tells Rev. Martin Luther King, "... the dreams, the visions..." 
King: ”... I remember calling Corrie and saying that this Rustin fellow’s a little crazy in the head.” (0:41)

Cleve Robinson tells Rustin, referring to Norm Hill and Tom Kahn, "You’d think they’d never seen proud black men before." (0:43)

King: “... in order to get the bill past Southern segregationists will take a president of intelligence, political savvy, and the passion." (0:44)

Activist: "A moral decision, not a cowardly one." (0:46)

Rustin tells Tom, "... keep me focused and out of trouble." (0:48)

Rustin tells police chief Wells, referring to Wilkins, "I’m confused as to why you even mentioned his name..." (0:50)

By telephone, Rustin tells King, "... when those two policemen set out to reconfigure my face..." (0:51)

Activist: "... you were told that your dreams were never going to happen..." (0:57)

Preacher Elias Taylor: "... you now feel brave and alive..." (0:59)

Rustin tells Tom, "We’re gonna need three press releases... to questioning the mental well-being of the... senator from South Carolina." (1:02)

Norm, referring to first-aid stations: "... run by teams of mostly Negro medical practitioners." 
Organizer: ”... Charlton Heston... will also be in attendance.” (1:11)

Wells tells Rustin, "For the first time since Prohibition, every liquor store... will be closed for the day..." (1:16)

Sen. Strom Thurmond on radio, referring to Rustin: "... he is also a pervert." (1:22)

Rustin experiences flashbacks to his beating by police. (1:23)

Rustin tells King, "You are one of the smartest men I’ve known..." (1:23)

King on television, referring to Rustin: "... I’m proud to call him friend..." (1:27)

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