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Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings, Otto Kruger, Alan Baxter, Clem Bevans, Norman Lloyd, Alma Kruger, Vaughan Glaser
Dorothy Parker | nicotine
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Mrs. Mason grieves the loss of her son. (0:07)

Aircraft worker Barry asks his friend’s mother Mrs. Mason, “Why, are they crazy?” (0:10)

A truck driver tells Barry, “I’m a nicotine addict.” (0:14)

Rancher Charles tells Barry, “Well really, you must do something about that memory of yours.” (0:21)

Siamese twin Marigold, referring to her twin, “I wish you’d tell Minnie to do something about that insomnia of hers.” (0:45)

Circus “human skeleton” Bones: “The rest of you... are ignorant of the facts and therefor confused.” (0:47)

Nielson tells his accomplice Freeman, referring to Charles, “The old man must be off his nut sending him up here.” (0:57)

Matron Mrs. Sutton tells Edward, “Idiots, all of you. Stupid, inefficient idiots.”
Sutton tells Freeman, “You bring him here, you idiot.”
Sutton tells Charles, “It’s panicky.” (1:06)

Barry tells a guest, “Uh, this may sound sort of crazy...”
Guest: “You’re drunk.”
Barry tells Pat, “He thinks I’m drunk.”
”They think you’re drunk.” (1:13)

Charles talks to Barry about “The moron millions.” (1:21)